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  1. This was mine with the stock 18" wheels on 295/70/18 tires (34.1" height)
  2. Cooper ST Maxx 295/70R18 I turned the torsion bars up and added Cognito UCA and shock extenders. Originally just turned the bars up a little and never rubbed just added the UCA's for longevity.
  3. Tires are Cooper ST Max 295/70/18 Those were on the OEM wheels but I have since upgraded to Fuel wheels. I turned the torsion bars raising the front end about 2". No rubbing what so ever but never ran them without raising the front end.
  4. I have Fuel Assault 18x9 +20 offset on my 2015 2500. My work computer wont allow me to access Photobucket to upload a pic but if I think about it when I get home I'll load one. Well I guess you can see them on my sig
  5. I went from a 08 1500 but it had 7 1/2" lift and 35's to a 15 2500. I turned the torsion bars and added cognito uca's. I wouldn't trade back to a 1500 for anything but it's not a daily driver either but I love the 3/4 ton and have zero regrets.
  6. If you have a 2015 3/4 ton gas engine, it should have 4.10 gears in it. I'm no pro but my 2500 with 4,10 turn my 34.6 with no problems. Someone else may chime in but I don't think a 2500 needs new gears running 35's. Now my 1500 I had with 35's I regeared to 4.88.
  7. Yeah those are both great points. See posting questions do offer good suggestions. Now to decide if I really "need" a duramax. And if it's worth driving 300 miles one way to save @2500.
  8. Ok I've probably lost my mind but I'm considering a 2016 Denali Duramax from a local dealer. Salesman said they had no problem installing a lift but the shop guy said they do Pro Comp and Rough Country. Sales is checking on possibility of BDS (which is what I prefer). Depending on cost and all would ya'll recommend having the dealer install lift. And would it be fool hardy to get the RC dealer installed over the BDS if I have to get it installed else where? I had BDS on my 1500 and no issues so I am familiar with their quality but have never had any dealings with RC. Thoughts, Opinions, I want to run 35's and I believe the BDS will allow me to utilize the factory 20" wheels. So I'm only looking for 4-5" lift. I'm insane I know considering I have a 2015 Chevy 2500 with 9000 miles hahaha
  9. Yes I got an alignment after both the cranking of the tbars and then again when I added the UCA's.
  10. I have a work car so the truck isn't driven much during the week and I didn't drive it much prior to turning the bars up but I didn't really notice much of a difference. Also I didn't max the bars out and I'm still a little higher in the rear. But after adding the Cognitos and shock extenders I do seem to notice a smoother ride than before.
  11. I like the ST Maxx but I havent had them in any mud. They do nice on the road but do hum a little more than I imagined. Nothing major though. I think I paid around 1300 for all four mounted but don't remember for sure.
  12. I'm thinking the 275/70/18 should fit without any issues without raising the front end but I'm no expert.
  13. Yeah I had already turned the bars up a bit before the Cognitos. It's still a little higher in the rear bit close enough.
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