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  1. Yeah I should have guessed. We all know how proud of its ecosystem Apple can be. But it is really stable
  2. Aha - figured it out. It was Maps. I had deleted Apple maps awhile back and only use google maps. That was the issue
  3. Thanks for the pic. Mine doesn’t look like that. I just have the smaller boxes. No idea why. hmmmm...
  4. Just got my iOS updated on my phone and went for a drive. The CarPlay update looks cool as the old version was pretty boring. Question: is anyone else able to get the new split-screen feature to work? It’s supposed to show the map, song, etc. all on the screen at the same time. Mine only shows one screen at a time. Can’t figure it out anyone... edit: btw I have an old iPhone 7, maybe it only works on x’s
  5. Thanks for the quick reply. I would love to be able to get that switch accessory power all of the time. Not legal I suppose.
  6. Resurrecting this thread with a question based on driving home last night, with my dirtbike loaded up. On the interstate I wanted to turn on my cargo light to make sure my bike hadn’t shifted around. No go. I guess that’s how the system’s designed. Does pgamboa’s diode mod allow the cargo light to work in drive at night? i see this as a ridiculous stock feature. If I can’t check on my bed when driving at night, why does gm even have cargo lights.
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