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  1. Thanks for the info on the door lock actuator. Spider - yeah I put the Delphi in my '97 blazer and it made a world of difference. Figured the '99 would have been this way too. Guess I will be shopping for a good deal on one for this rig. A limited-slip or locker is a must for me in a 4wd. I have always been a firm believer that if you don't have one end locked you are basically driving a 2wd vehicle....one in front and one in back. I've done my fair share of off-roading (trail-riding). I keep a recovery bag in my DD that I have used to pull a few folks out of a tight spot.... The Tahoe will eventually see this type of duty, but not until she's capable. As a replacement DD....she's fine. The truck has 129,000 miles. Today I cleaned it up more, changed the tension&belt, and put in a new PCV valve. Other stuff is on order. I have plans for it, but most will wait until after the holidays.
  2. Been a member here for a long time, but not active for quite a while. Just got a new-to-me '99 Z71 2dr Tahoe in indigo blue. Have a few quick issues that I want to discuss before I tear into it. It is a LS trim, Z71, 3.73s, non-G80 (what...?), cloth, power driver's seat, top-level sound system (cassette and CD), barn doors. 1. The driver's door lock actuator is weak. When I look at replacements I get two different styles. I am guessing this is because it's a '99 and still part of the GMT 400 family (born in Dec 98). I'd rather not take the door panel off to find out what it looks like. Anyone have a part number or photo of exactly what is needed...? 2. It's push-button-4wd (not what I preferred, but...). The buttons work but the indicator lights do not stay on. My first thought is it could be the sensors on the front axle and/or transfer case. I'd like to know what others have experienced with this. I haven't observed anything blatantly wrong with the wiring, connections, etc. 3. She goes down the road like a dream, but seems a little gutless when you get down on the throttle hard. My first inclination is to put a fuel filter on it. It has had a recent tune-up and runs smooth (new air filter, wires, etc). This is the first 88-99 I have owned personally, but I used to maintain my father-in-law's '91 SCSB 4x4. Lots of bolt on mods I did to it and it was not gutless when I started with it. Not horrible, but not what I expected. Truck has sat so the gas might be a bit weak. 4. Rear diff. Looks like a 12-bolt. Books say 12-bolt. I want to put a lunch-box locker in it now (to get me through winter) and later I'll put something better in. Is it a standard 8.75 or an 8.5...? Please don't make me crawl on the cold ground to get the codes off it. Bummer....county clerk's office wasn't open today so I can't drive it until Monday. Been cleaning it, lubing hinges, replacing bulbs, and making a list of stuff I want and need. Needs a belt and tensioner. Ordering a weather-tech cargo liner. Looking at outside mirrors. Mine are unheated (pretty sure the wiring is there) and small. Looking at other factory offerings that will fit, are power adj, and have a bigger field of view. Tiny things they put on there (SMH). Driver's side door entry switch is a little broke so getting a pair of those. The spare appears to have never been moved since new. I plan to put a hitch on it. It came with the towing package - minus a hitch. I've checked all the RPO codes and it indeed has the tow pkg. It's like ALMOST the exact truck I would have ordered except just a few things. I might post pictures tomorrow. She isn't ugly.

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