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  1. Hey I have a 2009 GMC Sierra I had replaced the stock radio with an advent OGM1 but the backup camera is now draining the battery and I've gone through 3 backup cameras. I was looking and the stock Navigation radios are really cheap now. Is the LTZ radio a quick swap besides getting it reprogrammed? I know I need this adapter for my current camera https://camera-source.com/2007-2012-gm-truck-backup-camera-vss2-adapter.html Anything else I am missing? Edit: I don't really care if the Nav works I like Google Maps better on my phone. I just want a backup camera thats as stock as possible.
  2. Most of these have been mentioned, but here goes: Steering Wheel Controls going to the next set of presets on XM UI Redesign Backup Camera Accessible without being in reverse. Steering Wheel controls when using AD2P Some Kind of screen saver for the AD2P module. Seriously who ever designed the whole Phone Menu never spent a day in an Industrial Design class. That section hurts my eyes and I try and avoid going into that menu.
  3. Unless this is just too early and I am reading this wrong you don't need anything. Simply change the band to XM and get your radio ID. Go to the XM website and fill in the info. If there is a black plastic thing over your drivers side ontop of the cab then you already have an XM receiver.
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