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  1. going to pick my '18 LTZ up this week! Dealer is putting on a truxedo box cover, 3M bumper film, my moto metal 20's and 295/60/20 Nitto ridge grapplers from previous truck, offset kickback flaps, and molded floor mats. I'm hoping my wheel/tire set up will work stock. Otherwise I'll have to crank the bars a bit and get an alignment done. Only other plans right away are black bowtie for front and debadge tail gate emblems
  2. nice truck! I also recently made the jump from my half ton sierra into a 2012 Denali 2500 dmax. The torque is sure addicting on these diesels! I've been looking at a few different headlights and tail lights but am also hesitant as to how they'll hold up to the elements and how long they'll last. I had good luck with budget LED tail lights on my last truck. I worry the headlights (such as the ones you're looking at) will either take in moisture, burn out quick, or simply just put out poor light compared to my stock housings with Phillips crystal vision bulbs (huge improvement over stock by the way).
  3. Ridge Grappler Pressures?

    I've only had mine for about a week, and they're set at 65/75. I pulled my camper on the weekend. I haven't had this truck for long so I'm not sure how low you can run the tire pressure before the TPMS warnings start.
  4. Nitto Ridge Grapplers are awesome!

    Just installed 295/60/20 ridge grapplers yesterday. First time actually seeing these tires in person. Really happy with the look and ride so far. Drove about 60km on the highway and they are surprisingly quiet, and pretty smooth, granted these replaced some fairly worn out 35x12.5 Toyo MT's. For anybody wondering, I've found the tires measure a little short. The specs say close to 34" tall, but mine measure more like 33" tall with 65psi up front and 75psi in the rear.
  5. bringing this thread back from the dead...picked up my first Duramax last week! Having owned my 09 5.3 Sierra since new, the dmax power is sure addicting! My truck needs have changed, hence the change in vehicles. My 'new' one is a 2012, stock besides leveling kit and the 35's on 20's. Planning on doing some deletes and a tune in the near future
  6. bump..also looking for an answer for this on my 09 Sierra with 3" blocks in the rear
  7. good point. I didn't know what the stock size rubber was on the factory 22's. My truck came with 18's and tire OD was 31", so I made the wrong assumption that the factory 22's came with the same height of tire.
  8. my vote is for 22's only if going with an oversized tire (ie. 33 or 35's). Stock size 31" tires have too little sidewall for my liking. Here's my GMT900 with 305/45/22 Nitto's (~33").
  9. Toyo Open Country M/t 33x12.5r22 On Level Kit

    I have 305/45r22 (32.8x12) Nitto Terra grapplers on my truck. Can't say for certain what the wheel offset is but appear very close to stock. I have a 2.5" level kit in the front. I only get a very slight rub in reverse with the wheels cranked
  10. I've been running 305/45r22 Nitto Terra grapplers on my 2009 sierra with a 2.5" level kit and they fit without rubbing. It will make a difference on what the offset of the American force wheels. My rims are pretty much factory offset
  11. seen a '14 Sierra yesterday at the dealer for the first time. It was a loaded up crew cab SLT white diamond edition with the 5.3L....beautiful truck, but almost fell over when i seen the sticker price of $59,3XX (CAN) ! Even if we got 10k in rebates, still pricey for a half ton truck!
  12. New Tires 275/70/18 Duratracs

    exact set up I'm running (just 2.5" level instead of 2.25"). you will love them!
  13. Help a former Ford guy with exhaust

    x2 on the Corsa dB series if you can still get the muffler. Once it 'broke in' after a few thousand miles, it sounds amazing! 50,000km later and it still sounds great. Everyone that rides in my truck can't believe how relatively quiet the exhaust is when cruising on the highway
  14. i appreciate your opinion blackout. The flaps need to stay because my truck spends half its time on gravel roads and in the field...not on the pavement all the time
  15. well I installed them last night on my truck. I know lots of people are not fans of any LED taillights on trucks, but I'm very pleased with how the look. I'll post a couple pics if anyone has been interested in seeing these black Depo led tail lights on a truck as there isn't many photos online of a GMT900 with em. cheers

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