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  1. $1349 USD just seems like crazy money to spend to achieve a 3" lift in the front properly. You could probably find a quality 4" lift kit for around the same price, although maybe I'm wrong. I tow a camper all the time with my truck so I left the rake to accommodate the weight of the camper. I'd seriously consider just lowering the rear 2" to get the leveled look, just my opinion
  2. UCA's, diff spacer, and longer shocks if you want it to ride half decent and not wear out your front end as quickly
  3. glad I went with 10x8 garage doors...very good chance there will be a 2021+ in there within the next 3 or 4 years! Should give me enough height for some lift and 35s hahah
  4. how much labor was involved after you applied the product? Was it alot of scrubbing/scraping/peeling or would it blast off with a good pressure washer after you applied the kleanstrip?
  5. not the greatest pic but got some new tires for the factory wheels to run during the winter. 275/65R20 Toyo ATII All weather. Haven't tested them out a whole lot yet but so far very pleased with how quiet and smooth they are, and handling the early snowfall great so far.
  6. I see you have info on 275 65 20 on a +15 offset wheel requires trimming of mud flaps. I have 275 65 20 on stock +44 wheels and they fit without trimming. I previously zip tied the fender liner a little tighter to the frame on both front fenders for my other wheel set up so I'm not sure if that was required or not for the 275 65 20 on stock wheels. I guess I will add my other set up is 275/60/20 on +18 wheels and they fit with no trimming either.
  7. my dad's 07 with AFM is just over 230,000 miles with zero motor issues. Its his farm truck now and he's never ever been very diligent with oil changes haha
  8. hopefully these recalls get addressed sooner than later..winter is approaching fast and I got a brand new diesel truck that can't use a block heater or rear defroster because both can catch fire! There is no fix from GM yet
  9. ^^ nice Legend (and pull vehicle)! I'm guessing you fit the RZR in it? Yes I'm really happy to have an all aluminum unit now after seeing how brutally rusty my old steel open trailer frame has gotten over the years (even paint it every second year). My tandem 7x19 has torsion axles so no leaf springs to rust either.
  10. had 20x9 wheels (+18) and 295/60r20 NItto ridge grapplers and they would not fit even if I leveled my 2018 silverado 2500. The 305/55 might work with some trimming of mud flaps, air dam, fender liner but can't say from experience. Hope that helps
  11. yikes, sounds like the 'diesel vs gas' is a sore spot! The new 6.6 HD gas motor has me interested but I don't plan on selling my 18 dmax for at least another 4 or 5 years. Glad you enjoy your new truck!
  12. Just got myself a mint used 7x19 inline Legend trailer mainly for hauling my snowmobile in the winter! Looking forward to not having a dirty salty sled when we go on trips. The old trailer was an open 2 place.
  13. Haven't seen mice in our half tons, but both my dad's 2016 and my 2018 2500 have had mice get in through the cabin air filter. You need to pull the wiper cowl off and pry open the siliconed lid that's above the cabin air filter. Once you get that lid off, you'll see its wide open to the cabin air filter. We both found some wire mesh and siliconed it to the opening. Sealed everything back up and haven't had an issue since thankfully.
  14. it should be pretty close, might have to zip tie/suck in the inner fender liner to the frame. I got 20x9 +18 offset wheels and put 275/60 Nittos on my truck and they fit with zero rub after pulling in the fender liner a little bit. The extra width is the challenge for most of these trucks. Going over 12" wide on the tires on stock height seems to sometimes cause rub issues. Here is a link to someone with the same set up you're going for and it looks like he had no issues: https://www.customwheeloffset.com/wheel-offset-gallery/383587/2015-gmc-sierra-2500-hd-gear-alloy-726c-stock-stock Hope that helps
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