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  1. yup that should fit stock, or maybe just a couple cranks of the torsion keys. I got 275/60/20 with +18 offset on my stock height 2500 HD with no fitment issues.
  2. with stock rims, you should be able to fit any tire that's roughly 34" tall and 11" wide without any modifications. Any taller and wider, you will likely have to crank your T-bars or level, or do some trimming.
  3. Must just be uncommon in USA as there seems to be 0% financing options offered fairly often in Canada. When I bought my duramax in the spring, there was 0% for 36, 48, 60, or 72 months as well as discounts on the price. Not the choice of incentives or 0%.
  4. these are 20" wheels, +18 offset (stock is +44 I believe). The tires are Nitto Exo Grappler 275/60/20. Fit great. No rub in any direction, but if the tires were any larger I suspect there would be some minor rub when tires cranked. I haven't touched the stock suspension in any way.
  5. I bought that '12 second hand, so I'm not sure which level kit it had. It sat dead level. I lowered it a bit as the UCA's didn't have any room to go up before they would knock. My 18 is all stock, never touched the keys.
  6. My '12 LML was leveled and rode like crap in my opinion. It would have benefitted from longer shocks or spacers and UCA's. My new '18 rides so nice stock that I didn't want to lift or level it. I just went up one size in stock tire height. Maybe in a year or two I'll lift/level, but I'm very happy with my decision for now haha
  7. 2500 VS 3500

    an additional overload spring in 3500 (not noticeable when driving unloaded), and I am pretty sure there is no 20" wheel option on the 3500's and have heard no TPMS on the 3500.
  8. nice rig! Looks pretty much identical to how mine did coming off the lot. Enjoy!
  9. Nitto Ridge Grapplers are awesome!

    sorry, Only had them for about 2000km. Sold that truck. Running Nitto EXO grapplers this time around and liking them so far. Slightly louder than the ridge grapplers tho.
  10. My truck is cursed?

    my dad's 2015 sierra slt duramax had the windshield replaced (huge stone chip that spread two ways across the windshield), driver door/rear driver door/taillight/driver side box/driver tow mirror all replaced/painted from a deer that wiped out the entire side of his truck, and the driver side window (rock thrown and shattered his side window) all within the first 10,000 km of brand new. I think his truck spent more time in the autobody than in his garage for the first year.
  11. motor shouldnt have any problems turning the 275/60. I'd be more concerned that that size may rub without installing a level kit.
  12. Canola is in bloom around here lately so I had to stop for a quick pic!
  13. here's a couple pics. I'd say the tires stick out roughly 3/4" - 1" passed the fender well.
  14. Nitto EXO Grappler experience?

    thanks! These are actually only 275/60/20. I had a set of 295/60's from my LML but they were too big on this truck. They fit besides minor rub in reverse on my LML but that was leveled and didn't ride very nice. The new truck rides so nice stock that I didn't want to make any changes to the front end , hence the 275/60. Happy with the look and even happier that they fit with no modification.
  15. Thanks. Tires are nitto exo grappler 275/60r20. Measure out at 33.25x11 roughly. Wheels are +18 offset. Suspension on truck untouched

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