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  1. Here is the link to other forum’s (gmfullsize) post on this. Topic started as question about yoke clunk but included excellent info on leaf spring clunk fix. See in particular post 35 in that thread, which shows great pics of that guy’s issue that you could compare yours too, but there are other posts in that thread discussing as well. https://www.gmfullsize.com/threads/gm-yoke-clunk.239570/ Good luck, Mark Mpls, MN
  2. I had a 03 1500HD that started doing the rear bang at around 215000. I ended up selling it before I definitely fixed the source of the clunk, but in the process of trying to figure it out, I came to believe it was in the leaf springs—not the yoke. There is a post either on this forum or the silveradosierra in which a guy bought some $30 u-bolts from local auto store and placed them just beyond the factory ubolts on the leafs. It fixed his thudding, and others there commented it worked for them too. IIRC, his bottom leaf spring was slightly askew of the top two, but they straightened out with the additional u-bolt. My 03’s springs were like that too, which is why I believe that had I added the extra u-bolts, mine clunk would have been gone too. For $30, what have you got to lose? I will try to find that other forum thread for you.
  3. Because some of my tax dollars helped to write you that check, and you obviously do not need it, how about you donate it to those who have no food to eat and are otherwise suffering.
  4. Added a handy switch to the back of my 17 Sierra to allow me to turn on and off the box lights from the rear instead of only having the switch inside the cab. Very sweet mod.
  5. I assume “up to $500 off” is an intentional advertising tease which means different products have different discounts, with maybe one or a couple actually having that large of a discount. I searched for the 140550 model as well, and Summit’s price was a 100 bucks less than all of the other dealers shown. Still disappointing that the Borla special was not more significant though, in light of the marketing successfully causing us all to look into purchasing.
  6. I just did the mod to my 2017. I had a 2003 as well and liked the fact the backs folded down. This mod creates more storage space behind the seat backs as well. Found the hack in another thread on this site. Have to do a search to refind it. Not sure if 2020s have same sliding seatback brackets as earlier models though. Good luck.
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