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  1. I have 421q on my 2014 Silverado. They have great traction in dry and wet, but don't know about snow. They ride smooth and quiet. The tire wear is good, but will not make it to the mileage warranty. Great tire all around....
  2. I have been looking at those new Carven kits. How do you like it? Could you possibly post up a sound clip?? Looks really good.
  3. http://www.carvenexhaust.com New company. Nice sounding mufflers.
  4. Hello, I am looking for the center chrome or painted section of the bumper for a 2010-2013 chevy silverado and also the plastic section underneath. Somebody backed into me in a parking lot and got me with their hitch and of course they did not leave any info. Thanks
  5. Hello All, I need some advise I am bored with the stance of my truck and it is time for a change. My truck (2011 Silverado 1500 2wd ccsb) has stock front suspension and belltech 2 inch rear lowering shackles in the rear. My other trucks (sold) all had the front leveling kit and I liked the look of lifted / leveled. I decided to try the lowered/level stance on current truck and I liked it , but like the lifted/leveled look better. My question is should I level the front with 38 k miles on the front suspension, or am I asking for suspension problems (ball joints and such). I would also swap the stock rear shackles. Would the lowering shackles have harmed the rear shocks in anyway??? Thanks Brandon
  6. Haha.... For a second I thought you were going to say you changed your oil and there was no oil and you had just finished a long road trip. And while driving your truck with no oil you never got a lower oil light or oil pressure warning.......reminded me of a story, but lets not bring that up.....somebody will post the link and raise the post from the grave ..... Lolol
  7. I would like to add a bit of information about all the nice accessories that you put on the truck. Dealerships don't give a CRAP about all the accessories. The more accessories you add and modifications to the truck, the dealership can not sale your truck as a GM certified used vehicle, so they do not give you as much as you could get in a trade in. If you decide to trade in, I would take all the accessories off and put them on the new truck. Now if you try to sale on your own, the accessories could increase the value for a private sale. Good luck on your decision.
  8. I don't like watching staged tv shows, that is why I watch WWE Raw and WWE Smackdown. That wrestling sh#t is real!!!!! ;) ))).... Lol
  9. I am not upset, I was just responding to your negitive sounding comment. It did not sound like a fact to me. Now your above response sounds more like a fact and I would have gone about my day......Darn, just wasted 5 minutes of my day.....back to moonshiners....
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