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  1. Be careful with the BDTrims sets. I ordered black domed style and every letter ended up needing polished as they all had finish flaws. Looked like fingerprints all over them. Also, be careful separating the backing from the domed style letters as the whole backing tape likes to separate from the letter causing bubbles under the dome. ALSO, mine were cut with a dull blade as there was a lot of the tape hanging over the edges of the letters.
  2. I did not. Found out that the screen mirroring only works while in park. Easy enough to bypass normally but with the maestro and all the other connections it wasn’t worth messing with. Add in the difficult task of getting new speaker wire into the doors and I decided against it. Just another downfall of the 21st century, Facebook, Alexa and the decreasing ability to easily swap out car stereos.
  3. I pulled the trigger on this and the Bose integration module but I'm on the fence about installing it. I don't care about CarPlay or nav, just sound quality and the ability to integrate a sub with better control. I'm just concerned about the audio still going through the Bose amp and not being able to take full advantage of the SQ the deck may provide. I also will lose the USB and SD reader in the console which is how I charge my phone and also my primary source of music (on SD card). Going to think about it over the weekend and send it back if I can't convince myself to install it.
  4. Then share it homie! What's the hold up?
  5. I'm interested in hearing more about this perfect match plastidip.
  6. Can you share with us any tips on how you got speaker wire into the front doors?
  7. If anyone is interested, the install manuals are now available on Alpines site under the support section. http://vault.alpine-usa.com/products/documents/IM_X110-SLV_X110-SRA_Install_Manual.pdf http://vault.alpine-usa.com/products/documents/OM_%20X110%20_X108U_INE-W967HD_Audio+Visual_EN.pdf What I find odd is that the marketing page shows that this is compatible with Bose but the install doc says it isn't.
  8. The DRL disable harness I linked above has an option to turn the fogs into DRL's, just FYI. Also, you won't lose the auto headlight function, essentially though, your new HIDS will be on any time you are driving unless you manually turn them off.
  9. Jesus, I just realized I quoted two posts both over a year old.
  10. If you don't want new projectors go with the TRS kit. If you want new projectors go with the fastheadlights kit. Can't beat the FXR's and 4500k bulbs. If you go with the FXR's just be prepared to extend the headlight cap. In my 2015 Silverado, after starting the truck, I just turn off the auto headlight control and that shuts off the DRL's. If you do not want to do this there is a DRL disable harness available here but it is a little pricey: http://www.gen5diy.com/Chevrolet/Silverado/Silverado-DRL-Harness/
  11. No dice for me. I loosened up both mounts and let the steps deploy a few times then tightened them back up starting with the the bottom bolt and then the top one, same issue. It looks to me that both mounts are square to the body. I pulled the motor off and manually deployed and stowed the steps and there is no binding. It almost seems as if the motor wants to pull the steps in closer than it should.
  12. I have the exact same problem and will be trying this out tomorrow as well.
  13. Maestro already has a harness that works and retains everything. I know this because I beta tested it. I figured they would have already released it by now as I did the testing back in July/August time frame.
  14. Damn. I wonder if this is what is holding Maestro up on releasing their integration harness.
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