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  1. For the ones that did not need the jumper wire. Would you be willing to sell me yours? My wifes little pup got in the garage and chewed it up. Get a dog they said. It will be fun they said.
  2. Thanks guys! I work at the Ft. Wayne plant. Glad you love your truck.
  3. My duramax has 224000 miles and i have never had to add oil between oil changes. One of the best motors i have ever had.
  4. The truck is a 2008 Silverado extended cab built at the plant I work at. I heard today at work that they are trying to arraign it for him to come to our plant for a tour.
  5. I work at Ft.Wayne assembly. Your regular cab HD will be built there.
  6. I work at Ft. Wayne assembly. We build 1500 double cabs and regular cabs. We build Hd double cabs and HD double cab long beds and regular cabs.
  7. Lol well I'm not sure which trucks shipped. I do know that they was looking to hire more truck haulers to make up for the rail shipping. They been shpping them out like crazy. They are just a little behind but I think they are getting it worked out.
  8. Well I work at the Ft.Wayne assembly plant and if you're waiting on your trucks to arrive they may be delayed. I think the rail system is a little behind. We have trucks parked all over waiting to be shipped. The good news is a lot of them shipped this past weekend. So hope you get them soon.
  9. It looks great. I saw alot of them rolling down the line today. I work at the Ft. Wayne assembly plant.
  10. Awesome. We are running next weekend so hope you guys get your trucks.
  11. They come down the line all at the same time. All different colors and models.
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