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  1. Like this site but...............I feel there is too much complaining, so I'm going to come here and complain about others complaining because when I complain, it doesn't count as a complaint!
  2. Those guys do several videos with truck comparisons. Some of them are pretty good but they can get annoying really quick, especially the "Mr. Truck" guy.
  3. Haven't posted in a while on this topic so here's a "reason" for owning a firearm again............. "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed". For anybody who doesn't fully understand the meaning, I'll state my interpretation, hopefully others share a similar understanding : Well Regulated Militia = American citizen, specifically adult male. Keep And Bear Arms = They are mine, and no, you can't have them, ever. Yes, I am armed, yes, they are loaded! Shall Not Be Infringed = No politician/govt. official will dictate what, or how many I can own (this has been severely under attack by liberals for years and needs to be fixed!) Contrary to what the anti-firearms people want others to believe, there is nothing complicated about the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution. Our 2nd Amendment is the most clear, and simply written amendment in the Constitution. It blows my mind how people can argue against it and somehow make it out to be something negative. Anybody who thinks a person should not be able to defend his or her life, and the lives of their family is seriously confused.
  4. Your information is NOT true, not even close and it is terrible advice to be giving to people that may get them into trouble! First off, if a business has such a sign posted, that is a warning to anybody who may enter that firearms are not welcome. It is also a warning that should be taken seriously. Carrying a firearm into a business that has such signs weather they carry legal weight in that state or not still need to be followed. Going inside or on the grounds with a firearm, against the owners wishes means you are trespassing. You can be cited for trespassing if caught and actually may have your carry permit suspended for a period of time. There are also several states where these signs actually do carry legal weight and are the law. Some states have to have specific wording on their signs to make them legal, some do not and actually seem like it's ok for someone other than law enforcement to carry a firearm on their grounds but that's not the case. There are several states that have business signs protected under law and I would suggest doing ones own research and not taking the advice from someone on the internet that thinks it's ok to ignore legal signs. If anybody has a question about their state, you should be able to go to the Attny. General website for your state and see if those posted signs actually matter. Off the top of my head, I can tell you with 100% certainty that Texas, Ohio, Illinois, North/South Carolina, do support a business with a no gun sign if it meets the requirements set forth by the state. I'm sure there are several more, I just can't list them by memory. Either way, you can be cited if caught carrying a firearm where signs are posted stating they are not welcome. Your statement about carrying a firearm into a bank is also not necessarily true. There are many municipalities across the country that do not allow a firearm to be carried inside a bank, credit union, or any institution that is FDIC insured, same goes for a post office. People should check their local laws on carrying in their bank as well. Don't listen to someone on the internet who feels they can go wherever they want with their gun, that's not true.
  5. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I would highly suggest you rethink that idea because it's not a good one. Not only will that get you a lot of unwanted attention, or maybe it will get you the attention you are looking for. It will also make you a possible target to someone planning on committing a crime. Another thing to think about, and it's really sad but it's reality, there are a lot of people in our country who have been programmed to panic and think bad guy when they see a firearm. These are the people who will call 911 and have you stopped, questioned, pulled over, followed, and possibly cited depending on the area you are in and their local laws. If you want to carry a firearm, you should do it properly and carry concealed. Get yourself a concealed weapon license, or permit depending on location, and a pistol or revolver that you are comfortable with and a good holster. Take a class and become proficient with that firearm before carrying. Carrying a firearm should not be displayed to other people, nobody but you should know you are carrying. Don't put yourself and everybody around you in danger with a firearm that isn't properly secure on a motorcycle. Carry it the correct way and do so safely.
  6. This information in this post is not totally correct. There are actually several manufacturers that offer different length gas systems with a carbine having a 14.5" or 16" barrel. Just because an AR platform firearm has a 14.5" or 16" barrel does not mean it has a carbine length gas system. If someone is not familiar with the AR platform, I would highly suggest buying a complete pistol and not making an attempt at bubbah-smithing one at your home. As far as an 80% receiver goes, it's near impossible for the average person to come up with a completed lower that is properly spec'd. The milling machines one would need are extremely expensive and it's not an easy task to complete without years of experience on those machines. What is the purpose of this pistol going to be? Do you plan on purchasing one of the gimmicky supposed "arm braces" like the one pictured in a previous post? If you really need a short barrel, I would suggest going through the required MFA process and purchasing a real SBR so everything is squared away. Most of these AR "pistols" you see are built by lower quality manufacturers and are not built according to the proper procedures and specs. Most of the quality manufacturers don't offer these pistol types but they but they do build SBR's. Do yourself a favor and purchase a quality AR from a proven manufacturer that builds and tests their weapons and parts properly. Colt, BCM, Daniel Defense would all be good choices and you have several different options.
  7. I would suggest contacting Black Bear Performance. They are the go to people when it comes to GM, great people to deal with also.
  8. It is really only an engine option and seems to always confuse people as to what it really is. I have a 2008 V-Max with the Z71 suspension. With the VortecMax engine, you get 4 wheel disc brakes, the standard 3.73 gears, factory trailer brake control, heavier duty transmission, and higher capacity alternator with the larger engine. It was also available with a 'heavy duty' suspension that gave you higher weight ratings over the Z71 suspension option.
  9. Sounds like you have a bad wire in the harness of your Sierra....Hope you can get it repaired but electrical issues like that are a major PITA. A wiring diagram would be the best place to start, take your time going over the harness.
  10. Seems like you know your way around the 1911 and can do some time consuming custom work. You should try doing a complete build using a 1911 kit. It takes a ton of time but the final result is well worth the effort and you get to use whatever parts you wish. You get a true custom, one of a kind 1911 built and shaped the exact way you want it. I've done a couple over the years, first one was built during a class and I kind of became addicted. It's a great skill to have and there's nothing like having a pistol that you got to design/build with your own two hands..............Look into it, I think you would enjoy a complete build of your own.
  11. That is correct! The initial start-up pressure should be higher than the idle pressure. That 60psi being constant may be the issue.
  12. That's not necessarily true and would be an extremely time consuming process. The tools needed would be a bi**h to try an carry alone.............but having firearms insurance is not a bad idea. All of my firearms, safes, and their content are covered under my insurance policy for my garage where all my safes are located. Before buying a separate insurance plan, check with your existing insurance and see what can be covered.
  13. That's not really correct.........The GMC branded trucks has actually offered a different drivetrain than Chevrolet depending on model. Some Denali level trucks have been their own animal for quite some time with the AWD offerings. The other trim levels are identical but to say all GM drivetrains are identical is both misleading and incorrect. For years, GMC trucks and SUV's have offered interior options that were not and are not available with the Chevrolet brand. GMC marketed as Professional Grade because they were a little fancier than the Chevrolet branded trucks, that is still true today between the newest model.
  14. It's not really very "custom" if it's a factory offered package. If it were a true "custom" truck build, it would be a one of a kind vehicle built exactly how you spec. it out for GM to build. There are not many manufacturers that allow for true custom orders, you order per the manufacturer option sheet.
  15. My next truck will be a 2500HD Duramax. Cloth seats because GM no longer offers real leather, they are "leather appointed". Cheaper to buy Katzkin leather after truck purchase than going with the GM vinyl. Definitely want the rear back-up camera because my bumper takes a beating in the hitch area when blindly hooking up to a trailer. Remote start for our freezing cold winters. Other than that, nothing really special. Just looking to get a good reliable engine/transmission combination and the GM HD's fit the bill. Just not sure which emblem to go with, guess it will depend on what the body styles look like when the time comes for a new truck.
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