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  1. Looking at dump trailers, suggestions?

    Load trail or PJ trailers have a good following. It sounds like you are going to get a nice one if your going to a gooseneck setup. Congrats
  2. Thinking of getting a diesel

    Depends on your budget. The newer you go you can have warranty, the older you go you get pre emissions. Certain years have issues to watch out for but from what I have seen it is more pronounced when guys get a diesel and mod it for high output for racing and pulling at the local fair. I chose to get a Duramax that is pre emission. I looked at a couple that were newer but the price point was too much for me. Plus I don't feel as bad working the heck out of an older truck that doesn't look like a garage queen. I would still work a newer truck but taking it into the woods would make me a little nervous. Good luck with your search.
  3. Nada vs. Kelly BB vs. true value

    Thanks Sierra35008.1, I read several of your post and it sounds like your making some hp. I am on the fence of selling or not. It's paid for and I don't tow that much. On the other hand, when I do use it I have wood racks that I put in the stake pockets and haul a cord of wood and the truck will wallow around. I could just put airbags on it and call it good. I haul firewood, manure and use an 18 ft. trailer. I have never been at a loss for power but would like more stability. I the future I would plan on getting a goose neck dump trailer too. The duramax dually is appealing to me as a work horse and for the fun factor. The 8.1 is a great engine and the truck is in great shape so I hate to let it go and get someone else's problem truck. Once again, thanks for the post and I will just have to weigh the factors and see what works for me.
  4. I have looked up my truck value on the web and know what the value of it is. Would the value of it increase due to it being somewhat rare or would that be taken into consideration by the web sites? Another question I have is, is my truck really all that rare? I am not intending this to be a listing for my truck. I would post it in the appropriate section. My truck is an early 07 GMC SLE 2500hd, ext. cab, longbed, 4x4, white w/tan interior, approximately 94xxx miles. The rare part is the 8.1 liter with an Allison 6 speed. Is it really all that rare because it is one of the last big blocks? They also stopped making them for a reason that that could work either way for the selling point. Thanks for any input.
  5. I just fixed/adjusted my girlfriends garage door last week. Yes, the spring is dangerous. Yes, you can do it. The style that I adjusted was nice. Set the spring with the set screws then put a 1/2 inch socket on a drill and let the gear mechanism tighten the spring. First time dealing with this style and they are VERY nice.

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