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  1. Looking at dump trailers, suggestions?

    Load trail or PJ trailers have a good following. It sounds like you are going to get a nice one if your going to a gooseneck setup. Congrats
  2. Thinking of getting a diesel

    Depends on your budget. The newer you go you can have warranty, the older you go you get pre emissions. Certain years have issues to watch out for but from what I have seen it is more pronounced when guys get a diesel and mod it for high output for racing and pulling at the local fair. I chose to get a Duramax that is pre emission. I looked at a couple that were newer but the price point was too much for me. Plus I don't feel as bad working the heck out of an older truck that doesn't look like a garage queen. I would still work a newer truck but taking it into the woods would make me a little nervous. Good luck with your search.

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