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    my 1940 GMC AC 250 (7000 gvw) restored
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  1. I feel your pain. I bought a new 14 Sierra and the list of issues also grew. While preparing to install wheel well liners, I saw written on the left rear wheel under the hubcap "bent" was it bent, I don't know. That was the last straw, with 7000 miles on it I threw in the towel and traded it for a 15 superduty all the while knowing I was taking it on the chin from the ford dealer but I'm not taking up the xss from GMC anymore. I have double the mileage on the ford in half the time I owned the gmc. That in itself shows how satisfied I am because I like driving it and I do. Do like others have done take it on the chin and be happy it's over with or just keep taking it up the xss and posting it here. As for checking out the ford forums, I did and am still amazed how little ford owners have issues compared to GM.
  2. 86 Sierra classic 4wd 04 Sierra 4wd 12 Canyon 4wd 14 Sierra 4wd 15 Superduty 4wd It was sad that I gave up a good canyon for the 14 Sierra.
  3. 4 wheeler and dirt bike in bed?

    Nobody pissed on nothing, just observations. I saw where someone made a rig to hold a quad on top of the cab,one vertical in the bed and one traversed on the bed rails. It looked cool but didnt get to see how it was done.
  4. 4 wheeler and dirt bike in bed?

    You say you have a standard bed truck. To me a standard truck has a 8' bed. Here whats makes me laugh and laugh and you all can say what want about it. Lots and lots of people are buying lots and lots of trucks and they have their reasons for buying a truck. People add all kinds of stuff to their trucks to soup them up or make them all purdy with lifts that they dont need with tires they wont use but (hey its your money) when it comes time to haul cargo they come here all besides themselves and worked up looking for solutions to get their cargo to fit in the bed with the gate closed or will my cargo weight destroy my gate because my cargo doesnt fit completely in the bed. Now you want to see what the dealer will say. If i was the dealer first id say you have to much cargo for that undersized bed. Then i would try to sell you a truck that is more suited to your cargo. One way or the other after you left i would smile and shake my head. What good is a truck you cant use because when you bought it you were looking at the wrong end of it. Nothing bothers me more than seeing a new pickup truck overloaded or improperly loaded due to space restrictions and oversized trailers when they blow past me when im cruising in my 1940 gmc one ton flatbed. Depending on your trailer door and camper layout maybe you can stick it in the camper. If not and its going to be a regular happening hauling all this stuff i suggest you get the proper sized truck. I thought i could get away with a canyon. Its a good little truck but once i realized i couldnt haul what i wanted i went and got a full sized truck with a full sized bed.
  5. I remained to help others based on what ive experienced with my truck when i owned it. I still enjoy my other gmc trucks.
  6. If your not happy, dump the truck and dont look back. In time youll be happy again regardless of what you decide to drive. Thats what i did and now i feel for the unaware because i was once where you are now. The more i look at them the more im glad i got rid of mine.
  7. Free Oil Change Issue?

    After spinning #2 rod bearing on the 4.4 litre engine on my 51 gmc 350 (16000 gvw) 100 miles from home, i change all my oil at 3000 miles or less. If i dont like the color of the oil i change it. Some say im just throwing money away and for me thats fine its better than throwing an engine away or paying the cost for a rebuild or a crate. Oil is cheap insurance for todays overpriced vehicles. For many its the cheapest maintenance cost but its the least checked or changed. All i need now is an oil level monitor to go with my oil percentage life monitor so that i dont even have to open the hood. Now that would be cats bolt.
  8. My output shaft on the tranny was leaking the first week i had the truck. No big deal, It was fixed and then i got got rid all the other issues with the truck.
  9. theyre called idiot lights for a reason! If you need a anything other than your brain to inform you that you have 4wd engaged then you are mentally challenged and shouldnt be driving period, let alone pretending to know how to operate such a complex device as a 4wd. saying that living off road or in the snow belt is reason enough for a light. I live in that climate and i never needed a light. What a joke. Now if you want to talk about a light how about putting a cab light in the cab roof for a reg cab truck like they used to for 75 years my 14 didnt have one but my 15 does.
  10. back in the day we didnt need all this crap to tell you if your in 4wd. You locked the hubs and engaged the transfer case. You knew when it was engaged because it would wreak havoc on the front wheel u joints and you were reminded as it bucked while making a turn on hard surface. A light for 4wd. Knobs replacing levers to engage 4wd system and what happens when the knob falls off. Maybe the wire for the light prevents this LOL
  11. I used to have 14gmc that had most of the issues in the list on this forums. Some i had mentioned here and some i did not because there is enough people beating a dead horse one way or the other. as for the number of complaints vs number of trucks built is skewed. Im certain that it is more than that. Some buyers dont have access to these forums so you dont see thier issues or the outcomes at the dealership either. I had a vibration that shook the coffee from my cup and sent it flying onto the passenger seat. I didnt post it here but quietly hid in the shadows. When i went to install wheel well liners and i removed the hubcap to remove the wheels as instructed. On the left wheel written in black sharpie i find the word "BENT" WTF! I dont know if it was bent or not but i put the cap back on and bought another brand truck. That was the straw that broke the camels back. So to say there is only a small percentage that have vibrations on this site may be true but universally ill bet my dog there are more vibrations undocumented than documented.
  12. BBB Arbitration

    I know how you feel. Lifes to short to mess around. I was looking at my options. BBB, lemmon law, buy another brand. The first two looked good but has long drawn out processes that all i want to do is to forget the experience and the emotions that go with it. Tommorrow i take delivery of another brand. I may end up with the same type of issues but i dont know. What i do know is that GM will never get another nickel from me unless of coarse its another goverment bail out. Mods/admins delete my account. That way i wont be labeled as a troll. My business here is finished
  13. You got a dome light? Or do you mean the two leds that burn a hole in the floor that don't light up crap let alone the cab. Asked regional after sales manager where is the traditional cab light? He went on to say that GM doesn't make one for the reg cab anymore. WTF! But then thanks to progress, the reg cab truck is doomed
  14. Anyone get a buyback?

    I was entertaining it after the regional after sales manager stated to me "if the dealer wants to handle it fine. If I end up with it im going to charge you mileage". His demeanor was such as to discourage me from having the truck bought back and my penalty for wanting to dump the truck. To simlplify things for myself I just decided to take it on the chin and trade it in for another brand which im in the final phase of purchasing from another manufacture.
  15. We Can't Return The 015 Colorado..

    Regardless of how it came about get rid of it and buy another brand. You won't be normal again until you do.

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