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  1. Hi everyone! I like the idea of getting something like the below to use on my 2019 High Country Silverado. They appear to be for a 2014-2018 truck, but look to me to be very, very similar to what the 19+ has (and have the buttons for the passive entry that would be needed). I'm not tech savy enough to know if these would work for my truck (obviously the lighted part will be custom wired, but will the handles and passive buttons work)... Anyone here have thoughts? I know @pgamboa has info on the old body style trucks, but not sure who may know for the new ones. Thanks in advance for
  2. I think you need to make a playlist with all of the music in it, so you can then say "Play playlist [name]" and it would select from the full list of songs. Down side would be that it would probably play the same song to start, but with shuffle I think you'd be ok after that.
  3. At least the ratings are because of the speed rating of the tires on the truck, instead of just some arbitrary number someone pulled out of their hind quarters.
  4. I think a this point everyone knows about the speed limiter on the trucks (I think there are 3 different levels for the 1500's). My 6.2 High Country is limited to 112 mph. On a ~15 mile straight stretch of road with no traffic (it was 6am) and discovered Cruise control is limited to 108 mph. This picture was taken after my journey in Mexico was over and I was safely stopped. I also learned that if you have cruise set at 108, the truck takes it's time getting from 100 to 108 (way longer than if you do it manually), and that if you use the pedal to get it to 112 so the speed limiter
  5. I got this one, and use the "0.75 inch Bonus" on my truck. I still get most of the radio stations with it, in a non-major city. I wish it was less pointy, but I think that helps with reception. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00O86Z610/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. 22" wheels, front window tint matched to the factory rears, REV hard roll up cover... she's almost complete!
  7. Hello all, I finally got the 22's I've been wanting (yay) and am looking at tires now. The place I "have" to go to (long story for another time) has a 285/45/R22 option, with a nice warranty, and it should last a while. Or they have a 305/45/R22, which has a much worse treadwear rating, but is about 1/2 the cost. I know the 285/45/r22's are about an inch smaller than the factory 275/60/R20 tires. Is that difference enough I should shy away from the better quality tires? I also am lazy and use car washes (yeah, I know I shouldn't), and worry about the 305 being a little to big for some of them.
  8. I was getting the same message, and It would not accept my password until today. I did login to the My Chevrolet website, which may, or may not have been related to finally getting it to work.
  9. Looks good. How'd you mount the rear camera?
  10. Replace them with something chrome. I'm debating between 20 & 22 inch wheels, either would be the same style you have, because I really like those wheels as they are more 'sport' wheels than the wheels that came from the factory, which are more 'off road' style wheels to me.
  11. The more I see this color, the more I love it! I just can't wait to do something about these wheels!
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