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  1. RAM charges their customers to even be able to connect their phones via Bluetooth... so at least GM isn't there... I believe it's about $13 a month, and includes remote access via phone.
  2. The difference is the way the EPA test the 2 and 4 wheel drive trucks. The extra weight of the 4 wheel drive puts those trucks in a different class, so they are tested under higher loads than he 2 wheel drive models, per a TFL video.
  3. From my experience in a 2012 and a 2018, when on a hill, the trick to get the hill assist stuff to work is to push the brake pedal all the way down to the floor, then it will hold. I believe the 2019's will hold for as long as needed, but I haven't had a chance to test drive one yet.
  4. Chevrolet announced today that Dale Jr. will be the driver of the first ever pace truck for the Daytona 500. It appears it is an RST trim, but the press release says it has the 6.2 with the 10 speed in it. I'm sure it is a one off blue, but man, I wish they sold the truck in that color!
  5. Thanks James, I have a OBDII device that is upper mid level I'm borrowing from a friend. I'll hook that up and see if it gives me any insight. I have tried it with both FOBs that came with the truck, and neither of them worked at the same time. I haven't tried the other one since it started working sometimes yet to see if I get better results with that.
  6. Adding details, the keyless entry has started to work again, but is intermittent at best. I'll keep updating, and appreciate any feedback anyone has on this. To me it's looking more and more like the module may be going bad?
  7. To update this. The removing the battery cables and putting a test light between them and still no luck. I should also add that I did return to the OEM radio to use, to eliminate that from being an issue. I'm hoping a new module would fix it. But where is the module at so I can make sure its getting power? Is it near the "C pillar" on a crew cab? Thanks for any and all assistance.
  8. Good afternoon! 2012 Silverado LTZ Z71 4x4, Crew Cab 5.3. I installed an aftermarket radio in the truck last night, right after I went for a drive and everything was fine, when I got home locked up the truck no issues. This morning the truck won't unlock with the fobs (but does through the OnStar App). I thought the battery had died in the FOB as I was having issues with the range recently. I install a new battery and still no go. I thought I needed to reprogram the FOB, but when I go through the menu system the option isn't there for programming a FOB. I already tried pulling the DSM Fuse and leaving it out for 10 minutes (same result after). Up next will be removing the battery terminals and touching them to a test light to remove any juice held over in capacitors. The TPMS is working. Do you think this means I have a bad module (as can been seen here https://www.amazon.com/Genuine-GM-20803735-Control-Receiver/dp/B00F672FVY/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&qid=1513646833&sr=8-2&keywords=20803735&linkCode=sl1&tag=fixedrightfir-20&linkId=73a7241fa7a266f8b9384d2d41c89b6a ) or should I uninstall the radio and see if that fixes it? I know CANBUS can throw fits about the stupidest things... I'm posting this now, because the other examples I've seen the Dash still had the option for programming a FOB, while mine doesn't have that option anymore. I appreciate any and all help.
  9. My favorite thing about the new Silverado is the typical "the outside is to busy" from the same people who then go on to say the interior is "to plain". I like the more sophisticated look of the GM trucks interior over the "look at me" of the Ram (even Ford, and Toyota are in this same boat to me). It is great to know if you want a more flashy interior you have options outside of the GM family. It drives me crazy when people complain about non-soft touch materials in places you don't touch!!! I want interiors that are going to last a long time, and I want them to be strong and as light weight as possible. To make something "soft" will add weight, so can we get past that for places we don't touch please! (sorry to hi-jack this thread, but it was kind of related).
  10. GM states they have 12 million connected vehicles on the road, (source is this 2017 article, https://www.networkworld.com/article/3183090/internet-of-things/12m-connected-cars-gives-general-motors-a-massive-iot-fleet.html ) because not everything they sell has OnStar. That certainly changes the percentage, to about 42% not subscribing. I hardly used anything other than the remote start feature when I had to park farther away than the fob would work in the winter, so the frost/snow was easier to remove when I got to my truck. I think its annoying they changed it, but think they are missing out on a selling point they could use in ads, which is more disappointing to me.
  11. Strangely everything worked when I went out to the truck after work today. I didn't take it to the dealership because of that.
  12. On my way into work this morning my radio was silent. I couldn't get the am, fm, xm, Bluetooth, or USB audio to work. The real oddity to me, the turn signals, alerts that my Wi-Fi is ready, my phone is connected, & ice is possible, plus the confirmation click when choosing options on the touchscreen all still work. Anyone had something like this happen? 2018 GMC Sierra SLT with the Bose system, in 6 passenger form. I power cycled the radio with the truck on, turned off the truck, opened the door and waited a min before turning it on, all with no music playing. I'll be taking it to the dealership, but wanted to see if anyone here has experienced something similar.
  13. Hello Everyone, newly purchased a 2018 GMC Sierra SLT. It didn't come with a spray in bed liner, and I'd like to have one added. I really like the look of the GMC logo in the front of the bed. Does anyone know how to go about accomplishing the same thing with a Line-X bed liner? I've searched and not had any luck finding details for it. I know it isn't stamped into the front of the bed, so I would think it could be added to aftermarket spray in bed liners too. Any assistance here is appreciated! I'm specifically looking for the GMC logo, but I'm sure people would be interested in the Chevy bowtie too.
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