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    Tx Inspection

    Hey look here dummy, look at the original post date! I will again state that I'm not a fake. I was just looking for a place to help me pass inspection. I found other ways of getting an inspection sticker. I have since sold it so don't need anything anymore. Before you think you are going to be a smart guy, look when it was originally posted. Let's do some simple subtraction. Original post date (2011) - year of vehicle (1988) = anyone? anyone? 23 A vehicle must be 25 years old before no emissions are not required. Again, look before you post dummy!
  2. mpmWS6

    Tx Inspection

    I know what you are saying and I wouldn't trust anyone either. I was just hoping because money is tight and was hoping to find a place for this year and next, because I would not have to worry. What would be my next step? Should I go shop to shop trying to find help? I am looking for any kind of help.
  3. mpmWS6

    Tx Inspection

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and am in need of major help. I am unable to pass the emission part of the inspection and need to know if there is any shop in the Tarrant County area that will help me "pass". I have tried multiple repairs and am still unable to pass the sniffer. My truck is a '88 and only have this year and next before I only have to have the safety inspection. Please any help on a shop would be helpful! Thanks in advance!
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