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  1. 2014+ Truck Bed / Tonneau Covers

    The LOMAX is a fairly new cover and you probably won't be able to find a ton of feedback yet. The Ultra Flex has been around longer and more feedback is probably available. I don't think Weathertech makes any of their covers, they are all rebranded which is a common thing to do these days.
  2. 2014+ Truck Bed / Tonneau Covers

    Well, the Sentry CT won't really provide any security for your golf clubs if someone decide to slice it open. However, if someone want in, they will get in no matter if you have a hard or soft cover. Question is, how hard to you want to make it for the thief? My opinion on hard covers that are around your budget amount: Best warranty - Truck Gear (by LINE-X) Stealth and LXP covers, lifetime warranty. Most durable - Probably Truck Gear LXP and Undercover Armor Flex, both are new covers, so it's rather unproven. But, both have a LINE-X costing which is probably more durable than a powder coat. Best looking - Undercover Ultra Flex or Access LOMAX, really nice powder coats.
  3. 2014+ Truck Bed / Tonneau Covers

    $75 rebate going on for this cover!
  4. I agree, but FoldACover needs to get rid of their "piano" style hinges because the seal above them wears out.
  5. Not really a big deal, but the bare aluminum on the underside looks....unfinished. Obviously, it does not affect function. When folded, the latch thing (which i believe is made of rubber) is stretched to lock into place. Long term durability of the rubber thing that has to be stretched to work remains to be seen. The powder coat finish looks pretty good.
  6. 2014+ Truck Bed / Tonneau Covers

    Yes, the Ultra Flex does look nice. The Ultra Flex used to come with one canvas saddle bag and two LED light strips. Did you get the light strips? You didn't mention the two Truck Gear by LINE-X folding covers. They have a lifetime warranty which is pretty good.
  7. 2014+ Truck Bed / Tonneau Covers

    That's a DiamondBack cover, here's their website: https://diamondbackcovers.com/
  8. 2014+ Truck Bed / Tonneau Covers

    If you buy the cover and you get one free canvas saddle bag (along with TWO light strips), then you got lucky by getting old inventory. Newer inventory does not include the saddle bag and only includes one light strip.
  9. 2014+ Truck Bed / Tonneau Covers

    I don't own a Lomax, but I've seen a dealer display. Likes: The finish does look really nice. Semi-dislikes: The cover just looks a little odd because it sits above the rails with no side seals. The aluminum on the bottom side of the panels have no finish, they are bare aluminum. I wonder if the the little rubber attachments and rubber band thing that are used when securing the open panels will last a while or break prematurely. None of these things are deal breakers for me, but......
  10. 2014+ Truck Bed / Tonneau Covers

    The MX4 (and Truck Gear) have built-in water channels on the sides, so are you saying you're getting water in the water channels?
  11. 2014+ Truck Bed / Tonneau Covers

    Well, not so much for the RetraxOne, it only has one locking point which is not very good. RetraxPro covers have two locking points. The best is RollNLock A-Series if you are using the tailgate hardware piece. RNL is the only cover with four locking points.
  12. 2014+ Truck Bed / Tonneau Covers

    I hope you got the Rollbak cheap, it's been discontinued for a while now.
  13. I've read horror stories about NFabs. I'd probably stick with GoRhino's.

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