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  1. Guess nobody looks at this. Still buggy as hell.
  2. I second this. The ad strategy has severely hindered the mobile experience. Most of time the ad doesn’t load and the clicks do nothing. Since I’m on iOS I can do a long press and preview to bring up the new page but it’s really annoying.
  3. It looks like some are having issues with their 2019. Who knows if it's the same problem though but for knowledge and what not.
  4. I've heard this before but I consistently run mine until the light comes on for about 10 years now with no issues. I'm might be in the camp of really lucky but I've done this with all of my vehicles. Currently sitting at 216k on the Avy.
  5. Buddy tried that once, they wouldn’t do it.
  6. Overwhelming feedback from who? I would like to meet these people. Are these the same people that gave feedback that the HD design was a good idea? Who are these "real" truck buyers you're referring to? Do they exclusively buy GM? Following this logic, the "real" truck people are diminishing (based on GM sales) and catering design and features to that group of people means diminished sales. I'm pretty sure GM wouldn't just cater to one group of buyers, that would be dumb. Just as other manufactures aren't catering to one buyer type. They freed up money for profits is what they did since they didn't have to re-tool for the interior. I guess we'll see if that comes back to bite them but it may already have. For those that think I'm defending the Ram because it has a better interior, I'm not. What I'm trying to get across is that the price for the truck in it's current state, does not match the increase in price to accommodate it. People around here keep saying well GM doesn't care about losing sales as long as they are gaining profit but if sales continue to go down, profit diminishes as well. They've increased profit to make up for the missing sales at the moment but how long will that last? Let's not forget, even though other manufactures may be discounting their vehicles, they are still making money through financing and dealer services. Just because the sale is done with the vehicle, doesn't mean that the manufacture doesn't make any money. Honestly though, looking at the attached image you can tell me that the steering wheel in that interior is not "car like"? This is a direct comparison between 2018 and 2019 and neither one of them would convince me that it's a truck interior if I didn't know where it came from. What does a "truck" interior look like? I don't know but does it need to be a "truck" looking interior? Some would argue no. Again, I never liked the 2014-2018 interior either. My biggest gripes with it was that the 4wd switches next to the drivers door appear to be an after thought, the steering wheel is off center, the center console looks like it was made to be optioned in, the glove boxes just look ugly and so much usable space around the screen is taken up by cheap looking plastic. The 2019 interior does fix some of the issues I had with the previous gen, at least it doesn't look as much like someone just threw buttons at a blank space. Nobody is saying that it needs to be completely all new, when has anyone said that? But when you get mixed reviews on the previous gen interior, you might want to go a little bigger. Let's not forget when the exterior styling was unveiled, users around this forum were mixed on it as well. (Link) Buy what you like, I honestly don't care, it's your money. You do you. Personally though, GM didn't come out strong on this one.
  7. Fair enough, either brand didn't do much to increase performance or torque from their engines. IMO the exterior of the new Silverado/Sierra twins is polarizing for most and I'm in the camp of I just don't like it. I've viewed it in person, sat in them, driven them but there is nothing about the truck that says, "I have to have it." With this generation I really wished they would have really tried to make something really cool, phoning it in with the interior because it was "Good Enough" just doesn't sit well with me. Not to mention, I never really liked that interior in the 2014-2018 trucks either. I don't know if they need a new test group to give actual feedback or maybe GM got feedback and just decided not to implement, who knows. I figured GM would have learned the last time they let a model run too long but I guess not, maybe we'll see a mid-cycle refresh for the interior like Ram did around 2014. With the cost of them, most of the time when I look at any of them and price them out, I nope out pretty quickly anyways. I don't think the NHTSA does reliability ratings, safety ratings I do know they do.
  8. I've said this before, in order for GM to sell more vehicles they need to have a vehicle that is competitive with features people want. I don't feel that the new trucks do that. GM in a video even mentioned basically phoning it in on the interior (video should start 15:07 where the engineer mentions this). The fact that the Ram is all new in every aspect is more appealing to a lot of buyers than what GM offers currently. Honestly, I couldn't even tell you what they updated besides styling and adding cameras, oh and rear a/c vents. Engines all have new technology but no noticeable improvements in fuel economy or power, tow capacity is relatively the same as any other brand. What exactly are you getting by buying GM? I say this as a person who has loved the GM brand for quite a long time but I'm not brand loyal. I just feel like with this round they went, "Well, it's good enough" and I think it shows.
  9. Why does it look like the steering wheel is so far to the right?
  10. The problem with GM's thinking is that they need to convince their buyers that the higher price in some form nets them a better truck. This could be because of features, reliability or both. GM at the moment doesn't have a lineup that could convince me as a truck buyer that their vehicle is worth the extra money. Reliability? All three manufactures have their issues and lemons but can I definitively say that I will get a longer lasting truck because I bought GM? Nope. Features? The GM twins lack here. Interior wise I don't believe GM is on par with Ford or Ram. The 2019 interior doesn't differentiate itself far enough from the previous generation and doesn't add anything of value. Mechanicals? Want a 6.2? Better get a top trim in order to even have the option. Want a two speed transfer case? Got to add the off road package. From my perspective GM seems to have locked one feature into specific trim levels or packages forcing people to combine packages for a higher value truck. In the event you can't get all of the packages you want, they are forcing their buyers to compromise. I wouldn't say way ahead. Ford F-Series 214611 214191 .2% Ram Truck 120026 103964 15% Chevrolet Silverado 114313 135545 -15.7% GMC Sierra 40546 41468 -2.2% Source Combined GM sold 154,859 to Rams 120,026, a difference of 34,833 with the GM vehicles trending down.
  11. Those appear to be screenshots from the federal site. I think the site only has one image for the 2019 Silverado. Looks like the 2018 only had one image as well.
  12. You can but the app works at any range. If your out of range of the remote, you can start, lock/unlock from any distance. In other words, I could start my vehicle from my desk rather than in range of my vehicle.
  13. I have a gmt800 avalanche so it may be different but the console vents do indeed work on settings other than floor.
  14. The issue was that people with items on their keys could potentially have enough weight to turn the vehicle off while driving. The driver would then lose power steering and brakes.
  15. What am I checking above the spare? I followed the wires but didn't see anything there. I have two hitches, one is slightly rusted, one brand new. Did it with both of them. The hitch itself is a little rusty though. I could clean it out and retry.
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