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  1. Why does it look like the steering wheel is so far to the right?
  2. The problem with GM's thinking is that they need to convince their buyers that the higher price in some form nets them a better truck. This could be because of features, reliability or both. GM at the moment doesn't have a lineup that could convince me as a truck buyer that their vehicle is worth the extra money. Reliability? All three manufactures have their issues and lemons but can I definitively say that I will get a longer lasting truck because I bought GM? Nope. Features? The GM twins lack here. Interior wise I don't believe GM is on par with Ford or Ram. The 2019 interior doesn't differentiate itself far enough from the previous generation and doesn't add anything of value. Mechanicals? Want a 6.2? Better get a top trim in order to even have the option. Want a two speed transfer case? Got to add the off road package. From my perspective GM seems to have locked one feature into specific trim levels or packages forcing people to combine packages for a higher value truck. In the event you can't get all of the packages you want, they are forcing their buyers to compromise. I wouldn't say way ahead. Ford F-Series 214611 214191 .2% Ram Truck 120026 103964 15% Chevrolet Silverado 114313 135545 -15.7% GMC Sierra 40546 41468 -2.2% Source Combined GM sold 154,859 to Rams 120,026, a difference of 34,833 with the GM vehicles trending down.
  3. Those appear to be screenshots from the federal site. I think the site only has one image for the 2019 Silverado. Looks like the 2018 only had one image as well.
  4. You can but the app works at any range. If your out of range of the remote, you can start, lock/unlock from any distance. In other words, I could start my vehicle from my desk rather than in range of my vehicle.
  5. I have a gmt800 avalanche so it may be different but the console vents do indeed work on settings other than floor.
  6. The issue was that people with items on their keys could potentially have enough weight to turn the vehicle off while driving. The driver would then lose power steering and brakes.
  7. Trailer Light Issue

    What am I checking above the spare? I followed the wires but didn't see anything there. I have two hitches, one is slightly rusted, one brand new. Did it with both of them. The hitch itself is a little rusty though. I could clean it out and retry.
  8. Hey Peeps, Having an issue with the trailer lights when attached to my truck. I'm on mobile but it used to be listed on my profile but I have a 2004 Avalanche z71. Anyways, this happens with multiple trailers and the only constant is my truck. The current trailer I'm using has had new lights installed and was tested on my truck and another. The other truck worked great. The issue I'm having is that with the headlights on the clearance and tail lights turn on but if you hit the brakes or the turn signals, the lights go out. The lights work fine as long as headlights or running lamps aren't turned on. This leads me to a ground issue but I cleaned the 7 pin on the truck and the ground near the drivers side taillight without positive results. I also changed the 4 pin to 7 pin adapter as the old one was starting to corrode some. Does anyone know of any other grounds related to the trailer wiring? I checked all of the fuses as well. One thing I haven't done but probably should have is get one of those testers with a lamp but it still won't show me where the grounds are. I attempted to search but didn't get any good results.
  9. My Avalanche has done the slapping/tick noise on cold starts for the last few years and quites down once it warms up. As annoying as it is, it hasn't caused any issues.
  10. My 04 is roughly 1qt every 3k-4K miles. Been like that for 5 years or so and 90k miles. Haven't had an issue with it. It is pretty annoying to be honest but I made peace with the fact that sometimes you can't just chase stuff to fix annoyances.
  11. Full Lock's 2004 Avalanche Z71 (beater)

    You happen to do the stepper motors while you were in there? Halfway there lol. Unless you had them done previously.
  12. I don't have a newer Tahoe but as someone who frequents this forum and is aware of your guys' issue, I saw this article today. http://www.kare11.com/news/are-gm-suvs-making-people-sick/350691813 Looks like it's starting to make traction.
  13. P0300 code driving me nuts

    I have a 5.3 but I had similar symptoms once before. Turned out to be the upstream O2 sensor in the side having issues. Oreillys I believe can show you the freeze frame of the O2 sensors when the code was thrown with their code reader. I can't remember if it showed a negative for upstream or that they were both flat.
  14. I don't think it's fully implemented, they had plans of an app market too. I don't know if that ever got released either. From what I gather from reading the radio reception thread is that updates for the radio system must be done at the dealer. My buddy drives a Ram. He went to the uconnect site, put in the last 8 of his VIN and had an update that he was able to install from a flash drive.
  15. Anyone else or just me think that updating the radio by going to the dealer is a huge PIA? As a web developer and a tech guy, this seems not very well thought out. My buddy was able to do it in his truck (different brand) by downloading the update to a flash drive and plugging it in. He said it was done in like 10 minutes.

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