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  1. This happened in my garage at work with an 18 ltz. Its both the k2 trucks and suvs. I think they actually pop the hood first from underneith, change ecu, then pull onstar. I thought the push button start ones were targeted more as well whether it is part of the security flaw, or those trucks have better parts. I was going to put in a kill switch or do a cable lock to the hood...
  2. Why not put in center jumpseat from silverado? Best of both worlds... Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  3. Looks good! Everyone should have some type of wet/dry/shop vac. Mine is from the 90's when I bought my first house...
  4. I guess no one remembers the whole piston slap issue with the gmt800s - at the time it was the biggest fail ever. People were embarrased with the noise at start up, and nobody at the time thought the motors were worth a damn...
  5. Carvana gave a much higher offer than gmtv on my avalanche last year. We also brought their offer for a traverse to a local off lease luxury dealer who matched their price...
  6. Lots of good advice. While I would say looks are the biggest return, a lot of ROI depends on your current tire as well. My burb came with 265/65/18R112 Michelin energy savers (actually not bad for DFW hwy commute @ 85mph); going to Defenders in the 275/65/18R116 size would net me almost 1200lbs more load capacity at same speed rating, and still be a comfortable P metric tire. This is better for all 'truckery' be it hauling, towing, or off roading, and just makes for a tougher tire. I think I can get another year out of the stockers, but if a good sale comes up - Im jumping on the 275 defenders...
  7. No rub as they are just an inch bigger. Here are some aggressive ridge grapplers in that size that I sent back because they shook at 75...
  8. You got em by now, but I will suggest those defenders in a 275/65/18. Little taller, little wider, but not too much to bog down ride or rub when you lock the wheel...
  9. I do the $15 a month plan. Son told me today his phone got 64 mbs here in dfw...
  10. Does it have android auto or carplay? I never use my factory nav on the 18, as google maps/waze on my phone is 10X better...
  11. Never seen those wheels. Nice work on warranty!
  12. Take battery cable off for a few min, fill truck with 89 octane, and drive it like you stole it for 3 full tanks. Then race a "tuned" truck and see what happens...
  13. I used a set of helper springs on a nissan titan 15 years ago or so (upside down I think as was the trend) - they essentially just clamped down all the leafs. Best bang for buck rear driving improvement I can recall for a pickup. Really cleaned up the hop...
  14. So you are in the US? I just checked my GM app - 36044 miles (it had 44 miles on it), and 3 years from purchase date...
  15. WTF? Every chevy I have owned (including my current 2018 I got in june 2019) have had the warranty start on the day of purchase. Are you in another country?
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