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  1. If you dont have an onstar data plan, turn off the wifi on your phone as it connects to the truck but cant get data - I cant stream thru AA when I have my wifi on. Delete phone in truck and unistall AA. Reinstall AA, then connect phone...
  2. As a side, Carvana gave us 2k more than we spent new on our Forester. Picked up a very nice P+ Audi A4 for an almost even trade - local subaru dealer couldnt believe it. Arrived on time and had the deal done in 10 minutes. Car is mint, but they still set us up for new windshield as it did have a chip. Gotta say they get 5 stars from me...
  3. Wait, thats the ecu? Thought it was the big one over the wheel well. If thats the case you may be able to put a metal overhang over it screwed to the 2nd battery holder with special screws like those flatheads that are tighten only (seen often around bathroom stalls). Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  4. Sorry, just saw this. I was just brainstorming. I revisited now because I heard of another theft. That ravelco looks great, but its more than my deductible. A kill switch in a console safe/locker down type location was my original plan. Either way you lose remote start which is not a desirable option for me. It has to be limiting easy ecu access. Im going to look at using a heavy duty bike lock for hood or ecu today (and maybe even get in some day drinkin)... Sent from my SM-T500 using Tapatalk
  5. -3C is 27F which average Oslo temp in Jan. We got power outages here in TX because (in part) frozen windmills. Solar sucks in snow too. Thank God we have gas vehicles to drive and get warm in during all of this crap. Every quick charge station around us is offline. If anything, this convinces me that electric vehicles are niche. Guess how easy it is to control population when you shut down power which also includes the ability to travel? Just imagine 5 years from now: "We need to flatten the meat consumption curve as its swelling CO2 levels. Shut down the grids!" Plants need CO2, and we also
  6. New or used, you cant expect to get your money back in 8 months, and with the pandy, 2020 trucks were almost sticker for a bit; unfortunately you purchased at the worst time ever. Right now, new are back to 10k off - I like to buy when they hit 15k+. Try TRED - I sold a BMW on there for 16k when trade in was 10k. I dont know your situation, but I would keep a 6.2 as it will eventually demand more (and its bad ass). Losing 18k is a grand a month for a year and a half - gas or payment or whatever wouldnt make me lose that much. Good luck!
  7. Its still 4wd because you can turn it off to save mpg. Nicer to have the option, but Ive only used 4low a couple times in 25 years; 2wd/4hi with g80 works well for most tasks except rock crawlin or stump pullin in the mud (great for commercials, but not really common for 95% new truck owners in the burbs). Last stump I pulled was in 2wd in M with a little slack in the line, and it worked fine... Sent from my SM-T500 using Tapatalk
  8. Its a 2 beer job - and who doesnt like day drinkin? Rotella gas truck had a rebate ending up at $9 per 5qt - thats good oil for a hell of a price though normally decent synthetic oil is around $20 per 5g. 50 bones is about standard these days with a free change every 4 changes due to the 2 qts left over after each change... Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  9. Smart choice. Never felt as safe flying down the road on an AT. I went conti terrain contact in HT (wanted ATs for longest rime). Very smooth and excellent in rain... Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  10. It may be a very first edition 15 someone added Z71 badges to (LTZ were not Z71). If your shark fin is black, its first edition; body color fin is 2nd edition. That year they started selling in Feb of 2014, then they did a lot of changes in a mid year refresh to fix some issues and add content. They added Z71 then as well, so you may have what would be a Z71 spec pre Z71 if that makes sense. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  11. Do not buy a first year vehicle - are there any 2020 suburbans around you? Those are well sorted in their 5th year of production, and gotta be discounted steeply. Lease one of them. There are always issues with the manufacturing process on first year vehicles that eventually get sorted out, as well as unexpected flaws that reveal themselves once people start driving them in real life. Of course a 12 year old platform will be more reliable, but so dated.
  12. You talking a 2021 at4 yukon or truck? Either way it wont work on back since truck has rear leafs and new suv is now IRS vs. solid axle. If its a K2 at4 truck (14-18) the front will work on burb, and you can get a spacer for rear springs cheap. A daystar 3/4" will level it out, and only cost $40 for on amz. Of course a 2" front level kit is close to the same price, so see if he's doin a deal. Heres my 18 burb leveled with 1.5" level and daystar on 275.65.18s. Drives stock... Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  13. On my second set. They are durable, keeps the dust down, and you can make back your investment when you sell - sold my avalanche covers for $125 on flea bay after using them 4 years so keep the box... Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  14. Rotella Gas Truck is better than M1 if you believe you tube. I like this guy's experiments...
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