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  1. While driving my Duramax yesterday I noticed the dash volt meter was indicating a very high rate of charge, much higher than normal mid scale (14) reading that I usually see. The volt meter needle was 3/4 of the way over to the high side. The 145 amp alternator was very hot to the touch. I have an old (not so accurate) digital volt test meter that showed the charging voltage being 14+ volts. The charge in the dual batteries was only 12 volts. The truck is a 2006 GMC 2500HD SLT Duramax with 147K miles. Batteries are only a month old. Any idea what is wrong? Thanks, Dave Central Fla.
  2. Our 2005 LT Chevy Trailblazer apparently has a problem in the electrical system that causes both headlights to flicker and dim intermitently. When this occurs I see the amp meter fluxuate at the same time like a headlight power lead is shorting or grounding out. We bought the truck new, only has about 11K miles on it, no damage history, etc. Any ideas what is wrong? Any recalls or issues from the factory that might cause this problem?? With the elaborate wiring system of todays vehicles I wouldn't know where to start looking or troubleshooting. I would hate to have to take it to a dealer and give them a blank check. Any help would be appreciated. Dave Central Florida
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