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  1. bgctrading, Don't have the truck back but they have some parts on order for the trans and are getting into it next week. Service advisor wasn't clear but it sounded like the transmission pump as indicated in the PIP bulletin i referenced in the last post.
  2. I have the same thing. Dropping off next Tuesday to check it out. Found PIP5175b which seems to describe my condition perfectly.
  3. gonna bet my internet street credz that it's not the bands/servos/drums causing any noises coming out of his 6L80e....
  4. there is some goofy mounting ring that typically breaks off the motor when they steal the glass. only way to get it is to replace the motor as well. they claimed it is pretty easy to snap off the tabs on the mirrors during install but that is probably a scare tactic to get more bux out of customers that have already spent $600+ on glass and motors.
  5. those mudflaps are there to pick up road debris and be bent into the rear tires.
  6. interested in this as well. I have tried the hose clamp solution posted previously and seems to improve but not eliminate motion.
  7. might be able to swap the gears but that will require teardown and setup in new housing, you will not be able to swap the axle assembly unless you have an extra special 1/2 ton tahoe with leaf spring rear suspension.
  8. what has historical time been between open and close of a group buy on your site? i.e. site shows 10 available right now so if i put my order in, when should i realistically expect them to ship?
  9. I noticed that on my last truck wither another tune on it. would run really smooth and crisp for a week or two, then back to rough shifts. couldn't ever figure that out, chocked it up to tired 4l60 and a shift kit that wasn't playing nicely with the tune.
  10. can you post pics from under the dash to show how you mounted everything? mine is currently velroed onto the knee bolster because the brackets that came with were too tall and the controller would hit my knees driving.
  11. does anyone with cooled seats notice a drop in seat fan speed when the voltage goes below 14v o nthe dash? I have recently noticed that when the truck turns the alternator off to save gas i basically loose the highest cooling level (fan speed is the same on level 2 and level 3). pretty annoying. i think it is the same story with the AC blower fan as well.
  12. Hi jennabear, what is Justin's current turn around on autocal tunes? I am in long beach area, are there any so cal in person tune days coming up? You guys tuned my last truck and I am thinking about having my 2015 5.3/6spd done as well. Are in person tunes dyno or street tunes? In either case do I need to reuse my autocal and is there any price break for current autocal customers? Please let me know. Thanks.
  13. well i tried to PM you but the forum seems to be having some technical issues Please look for my email from james scott
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