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  1. Changing stock D5S bulb

    Picked up a set of the 5500 from Limited360.. excellent upgrade from the stock bulbs!
  2. Halogen & LED Headlight Bulb Upgrades

    9005,H11 for headlights ps24w for fogs
  3. Halogen & LED Headlight Bulb Upgrades

    Correct the Led headlight are NOT recommended for projectors.. the guys (moto included) that tried them in there projectors had poor results... they def are a improvement in the reflector style housings
  4. Halogen & LED Headlight Bulb Upgrades

    Yea i would say there was a good amount of improvement
  5. Halogen & LED Headlight Bulb Upgrades

    Installed the V-Led led headlights yest... went with highs, lows, and fogs... no issues last nite or this morning driving to work... everything seems to work as intended
  6. Seems realtruck is showing not avail for the 2014s... anybody have a link to who has them now?
  7. I had same messages pop up few weeks back.... it was a loose steering wheel position sensor
  8. Dealer called.. either a loose or bad steering wheel position sensor... problem fixed
  9. Update on mine thats having stabilitrak warning, steering assist warning and brake assist warning..... dealer said 10 codes involved and still tryin to diagnosis the problem
  10. To late just dropped it off at dealership...it was steering assist warning not a driver assist like i posted
  11. 6000miles on mine and zero issues up till 2days ago.... stabilitrak, brake assist, and driver assist warning came up on dash.... headed to drop it off at dealer tonite
  12. 'Krown' rust protection

    Had fluid film done on my 2011 silverado... no issues... just dropped off my 14 tonite to have it sprayed as well
  13. 'Krown' rust protection

    Anybody else hear of this?

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