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  1. also emailed ms. barra directly...lol never know..someone will see it
  2. I agree, I looked up the NHTSA and didn't feel that was the right road to take...
  3. yup, exactly what I did this morning, packet should arrive in a few days, I am getting all service records wether warranty or all the recalls printed off to submit...I wont waste money on a lawyer...
  4. we'll see what happens, the bbb has their own lemon law complaint porton, already filed, paperwork on their way...also emailed gm priority care...
  5. I am dealing with it, contacted the BBB also, sounds like a major safety issue to me..
  6. Well truck has been in service now 3 times since Wednesday. First 2 times they said bad connections somewhere. Nope not it. Took it back yesterday with same issue. Told them I was not happy driving with an air bag problem. How can I feel safe driving it when service manager tells me it could be possibly that it doesn't go off in an accident. Well great. Thus truck been in service 8 times fir 3 warranty issues since September 2013. And an additional 5 or 6 recalls..been the worst mistake I have made buying a new chevy truck fir ne first new vehicle...never again...
  7. Yup. Same problem here. Different code than I got. At dealer now fir 3rd time in 4 days. Told them I feel unsafe driving it with an air bag issue. They keep saying it is a bad connections. What A Pile Of crap. Asked about gm buying it back and was told it's a very hard to do. So sent gm an email on all issues with this truck. 8 visits for warranty issues and over 6 recalls. Worst purchase ever..also contacting BBB lemon law. See what they say
  8. Trade it in, completely unsatissified with this purchase. #1 heater core failed, #2 brake controller failed, #3 a/c not working after heater core replacement, #4 gas mileage sucks , not even close to 21 on hwy...never buy Gm again....
  9. It's easier than that..crew cabs mexico. .double cabs fort Wayne. .that's for 1500. But all these bad heater cores came from a u.s. supplier It's easier than that..crew cabs mexico. .double cabs fort Wayne. .that's for 1500. But all these bad heater cores came from a u.s. supplier
  10. glad mine doesn't have the terrible hesitation in the throttle...maybe you need a 5.3...lol
  11. I like the fact I have a normal bed and can haul more than you, ...and my payment is less....lol
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