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  1. For those struggling, I've compiled a Google Doc with all the kits, part numbers and my install process. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cudKHwiVgJA549Vl_Dyt6bqa1RRblfEMvxkkEm8c9-s/edit
  2. Sorry, I've been through all of this thread and I think I have everything parts number wise but I wanted to confirm if I can. I have a 2020 Trail Boss LT 6.2L Atmosphere (grey) and want to add the AUX panel/switches. I feel like I'm missing a part number, this is what I have so far, any help would be much appreciated. Battery Cable - GM (84524205) F Block Kit - GM (84669070) Harness - GM (84497098) F (S)Switch Pkg - GM (84756684)
  3. Sent you a message, please let me know one way or the other. Thank you.
  4. Just had one installed on my 2014 Chevy Silverado! Am loving this thing so far!
  5. Craftism

    DDM Tuning 5000K HID Kit

    DDM Tuning 5000K HID Kit on 2014 Chevy Silverado LTZ Crew Texas Edition. Daytime/Fog installed
  6. I have a set of Lund 5" Oval Nerf Bars. Bought them for my 2012 then moved them to 2014. Love them! Order from Auto Anything.
  7. Craftism

    Lund 5" Oval Nerf Bars

    Lund 5" Oval Nerf Bars
  8. I messaged eBay guy with no luck. However my local dealer matched the GM-Parts price of $99.99 (Part Number #22933562) and I installed a set today. Was thinking about doing two sets but there is no extra wiring harness plug in so they would have to be hard wired in. Very easy install, took about an hour. Kit came with no instructions but the ones posted on page 3 here worked fine. I still have the stock cargo lights but have ordered the matching LED's to go with so it will all look the same.
  9. Some pictures of the 2014 Chevy Silverado Under Rail Lights (Part Number #22933562)
  10. I can't seem to get any video form my iphone or any SD cards to play in my truck. Is there any specific file format that they have to be in?
  11. Just got my DDM 5000K kit in, will post an update after. Also ordered the adapter above for my fog lights as well. Haven't gotten down there yet but I would assume I'm going to have the same issue.
  12. DDM 5000K daytime and fog HID kit.
  13. Thanks Mike, but I was wondering how the kit wired into that switch. I have that now which turns on my cargo light. Was hoping for some images of the lights installed and maybe a quick discussion of how hard the install was to wire to that switch.
  14. Can you post some pics of your install? Also where is your turn on switch? Thanks in advance.
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