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  1. Yeah her only damage was he hitch. So I don’t think she actually hit anything else. She told the police she had hit her brakes and stopped. Then let off for a second and rolled into me. It felt basically like that. But I’m jaded as my last truck has <20k on it and got slammed in the rear at a redlight. It actually bent the frame on that truck. I’m going to get my body guy to take a peek at it and make sure everything’s good. I don’t think she hit it hard enough to cause any major issues.
  2. That’s an excellent idea. Will do. I can’t see any cracks or other damage. Not even a scratch. There’s a scuff of sorts on the very end of the receiver... but that would probably happen with the first tow.
  3. I picked up my new 18 Duramax on Tuesday! We decided to drive it on vacation to really test it out. While sitting at a stop light a lady decided her Lexus would really like to get to know my new truck... she banged into the hitch which put a hole in her bumper cover (not a huge hole but broke the plastic). I would guess she was just going 10 mph or less because it wasn’t a hard impact. Anyway, I’ve looked the truck over and I can’t find any damage. She thinks she hit the hitch and the exhaust. But I can’t find any damage on either. Is there any specific places I should check? I thought about taking it to my body guy when I get home and having him look it over just to be sure. I ran my hand around the bumper and can’t feel or see any gap irregularities. Anyway, other than that I LOVE this truck! Rear pic is post accident.
  4. A/C Condenser

    Truck is in the shop for condenser and found a leak in the radiator. It's also being replaced under extended warranty... But another day without the truck. I have to say I'm very pleased with the service I'm getting from the dealership to this point. They have contacted me a couple of times today to keep me up on what's going on and have worked with the warranty company to get it squared away.
  5. A/C Condenser

    Truck goes in Thursday for condenser replacement. Fingers crossed for cool air. It has gotten really old running with the windows down in this heat/humidity.
  6. A/C Condenser

    Condenser ordered for my 14 as well. A/C started blowing cool then warm air about 3 weeks ago. I read the stuff here and figured I had a faulty condenser. Finally got it in the dealer today and they confirmed my suspicion. Anyway, supposedly new part will be in by the end of next week. I'm not holding my breath. But thankfully we are getting a reprieve from the heat here. My extended warranty will cover the repair 100%. Now I wait....
  7. I went through this process about 2 years ago with progressive when I was rear ended in my 14 half ton. I was able to secure a diminished value claim from progressive. My damage was nearly the same as yours, though the bed slightly worse. At any rate BE PERSISTENT. I was forced to attempt to have several dealerships quote a trade in value with the new damage compared to clean trade. This is nearly impossible as no dealership was willing to put in writing a value of a used (and now wrecked) trade. Not to mention they were scared of possible litigation and being pulled into a suit (which I was nearly completely opposed to doing).
  8. Hey guys I rarely post typically just gather info on here. Anyway, I occasionally pull a 16' trailer with my tractor loaded (midsize kubota) which I would roughly estimate to be in the 4k-5k range total load. Anyway my 2014 5.3 occasionally makes an odd sound when under load very metallic in nature. Could be a lifter? Or is this a DI noise? Seems to be focused on the top end of the engine and directly infront of the steering wheel. I rarely hear the noise when pulling out empty or accelerating hard though I think I am becoming somewhat hypersenstive to the noise and hear it all the time now. Also, it is usually most noticeable when I am in town or in a cut on the highway where there is something for the sound to refelect from. Any ideas? Should I get it in and have it looked at?
  9. Wheel transaction went very smooth and the wheels are in excellent condition. Thanks for a great transaction
  10. OEM 20 polished rims off a 2015

    PM replied to again. Thanks!
  11. OEM 20 polished rims off a 2015

    PM replied to.
  12. OEM 20 polished rims off a 2015

    Pm sent
  13. 2014 chrome/ black honeycomb grille

    Gonna drop the price one more time 170+ shipping. Someone make me an offer on this thing so I can get rid of it. I have placed it on eBay as well.
  14. 2014 chrome/ black honeycomb grille

    Nah I don't really want to attempt to pull it into pieces. Try and sell it as is.

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