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  1. Same thing happens at the Golf Shop, cheap balls in the Titleist ProV1 Box.
  2. since it's a industrial Velcro install, you can remove it, hose it off soap & water , pressure washer whatever, I then stand it up over a 6 foot Step ladder to drain & Dry, the closed cell foam doesn't soak up the water... drains out and dry's in less than an hour in the sun. drop it back in and check your Velcro...
  3. I have a 2014 with the Chevy Carpeted Bed liner, from the dealer It's a Bedrug with the Chevy logo embroidered on it. I had a Bedrug in my 2003, wouldn't do it any other way.
  4. Wheel well liners

    nevermind, I should read the full thread...
  5. Dealer Offered Paint Protection

    Are they also offering free KY Jelly or do you have to pay for that also? $699, you are bent over the Barrel my friend. IMHO
  6. Aero - X Topper

    kinda fastback Mustangy
  7. Currently available for Ford, coming for Chevy, Dodge & Toyota. Whadda ya think guy's?
  8. I would worry more about the battery, just sayin'
  9. Do like the Racers do, Get a tank of Nitrogen and a Regulator. you can run Air Tools also....
  10. They're running at The Bonneville Salt Flats.....
  11. Air conditioner failure

    Mine died on my 2014, GM Stepped up....
  12. In my business "Undocumented Features" are better known as software bugs....:-)
  13. Good Post...Excellent info and reference Information.
  14. GM Stepping up

    Nope it's real!
  15. The AC compressor on my 2014 died, I'm out of warranty based on time(3Yrs) but still under 36,000 miles (31K) Dealer says $200 and GM will cover the rest. totally unexpected!

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