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  1. STT MAXX are not severe weather rated, so they can use a harder rubber compound that wears better. They do not make sense for my use though because they don’t have that rating. 75% of the purpose of my truck is to make it to work and up my driveway in the worst of winter conditions.
  2. Hi guys, I’m looking at a 2008 Duramax with 118,xxx miles on it. It looks like a solid and clean truck. What can I expect from the LMM motor? I know it has DPF and some associated issues. Seems like regular oil changes hep with that, but it’s hard to know what the previous owner did.
  3. Nice write up! Is the procedure essentially the same for a six speed?
  4. So you’re saying change the fluids. I’m doing mine as soon as the weather breaks and I can start DDing my car. What are the torque specs on the Transmission pan bolts? Anything else I need to be aware of before tackling this project?
  5. You’re right, 285-55-20 is 11.7” wide which might be too much. I think 285-65-18 is where I want to be, Little taller and little wider than 275-55-20. They’re 11.5” wide. There’s also the option of 265-70-18 which would be 10.7” wide. I’d like to be around 32.5” tall so 639 revs per mile roughly.
  6. My truck is a 14, and the front has 2” spacers above the coils. It was like that when I bought it, so I have no idea what brand they are. OEM shocks though. I’ve had the truck for 40k miles so it’s been set up like that at least that long. I haven’t had any front end issues. If I stayed with the 20’s I was going to try 285-55-20 tires. I really think 18’s is the way to go though.
  7. My truck has coil spacers up front and an AAL in back, but I’m still running 275-55-20s. I’m not really lacking for ground clearance, traction is of the upmost importance though. Most of my off-roading is forest roads and towing my dump trailer. A bigger lift kit isn’t needed for my uses, but stock height was too low especially in snow.
  8. From what I’m told, vehicles take a big hit at 70k and 100k miles. After that I’m not sure, but the time to buy is when you’re ready for new.
  9. Yeah most likely another set of KO2’s. My 20” rims are kinda scratched up, so that’s another reason I want 18’s. There’s very little sidewall to protect the 20’s and I don’t want bigger overall diameter because of compromising towing and fuel economy.
  10. That’s a good review. I’ll probably put another 10-15k on mine and get something new. Thinking at that point I’ll get a wheel and tire package so I can get 18” rims instead of these oem 20’s. I want white letters!
  11. My dad has defenders on his 14 Silverado. They’re nothing special. Definitely not good in snow.
  12. It’s been a relatively mild winter so far, but there’s a long road ahead. I may end up with a set of wild peaks at some point or general atx.
  13. Salt just irritates me because it eats away at the metal on my truck. I get that salt is necessary, but I think it’s overdone. It’s also quite terrible for the environment. Our lawsuit happy society is probably to blame for much of it.
  14. If the at3w is anything like their wildpeak HT, after 25k miles they become racing slicks...
  15. Are those of you with slippy tires out of alignment? I know that can affect how your truck drives.
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