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  1. Anyone have a Century cap?

    If you’re looking for a cheaper option, look at Ranch brand caps. I have a Ranch Sierra on my truck and I only paid $1250 for it. Has sliding windows on sides and against the truck. They have a cheaper one with no sliding windows, but I wanted to let my dogs have some air. Build quality is very good, mine has no issues. Thinking of adding Truck bed coating on the roof.
  2. I’ve been to a Florida Georgia Line concert, but the rest of that stuff I’ve barely heard of. I do own a Yeti tumbler though, so maybe I am a Yuppie. I like the new High Country and will probably own one as soon as finances allow.
  3. Oh the humanity!

    That looks really bad. The original is better.
  4. Silverado HD revealed

    The fender trim is pretty practical for an HD user. Keeps rock chips away and keeps from rusting. I’m actually really happy it’s on the Chevy. That’s one reason I’m looking at High Country now vs GMC or RAM.
  5. Oh the humanity!

    That’s pretty good looking right there. I like these trucks way way more than I ever thought I would. I was expecting the worst I guess.
  6. Silverado HD revealed

    This about sums it up. There’s a lot to like about this truck. I’m hoping the front looks better in High County, but even if it doesn’t, I can get past it. The interior of the half tons leaves a lot to be desired compared to ram. The exterior of the HD RAMs is not doing much for me and now I found out the cab is carry over...
  7. Silverado HD revealed

    I’m excited to see this in some other trims, specifically High Country. As grumpy as I am towards GM, this get me in a new Chevrolet. The new RAM 2500 doesn’t look as compelling right now.
  8. Since when are KO2s not rated for severe snow? Mine have the 3 peak symbol on them.
  9. I do it all the time in my truck, and generally in 2wd. I’ll use 4hi around town in stop and go, but anytime I’m on the highway I’m in 2hi. I have no issues. I know if I’m fishtailing that I pushing limitations of the conditions. 60-65mph in the snow is generally the limit. That being said, I’d bet my Camaro with blizzacks would be better than my truck. Camaro is 50/50 weight distribution vs my truck with more on front. My car has a posi so I’d say that about equals g-80. The thing is, I doubt my Camaro would ever make it up my driveway unplowed. I can’t park on my road and plow it, so the truck gets driven in winter. Plus my car will never see salt.
  10. FWIW, I run KO2s and would prefer my truck in the snow to our company truck with winter tires. Maybe it’s just because Dodge sucks, but my truck can go places in 2wd the Dodge needs 4x4.
  11. If he’s already got duratracs, KO2s ain’t going to help. Trust me, I’m a KO2 fan, but duratracs reign supreme in every test and review I’ve seen... I just can’t switch to Goodyear after some poor experiences.
  12. The Cap is a Ranch Sierra. I just bought it a month ago. It has sliding windows on the sides and against the cab. I went with this one because I didn’t want to spend a ton of money, plus I was able to get it 2 weeks from ordering it. Supposedly ARE takes longer to get in and cost $2-300 more. http://www.ranchfiberglass.com/ I had a tonneau cover before, and the dogs rode in the cab. I’ve now got a 3 month old baby, so she rides in the cab or her car seat does. The dogs get really dirty and sometimes bring in ticks. Now with the cap, they are in crates in the bed. It’s also extremely handy for camping trips. I tend to overpack and this enables my disease... I’d never go back to a tonneau. My next truck may have an 8ft bed with a cap. Cons: The cap is basically a permanent fixture. I’m thinking of ways of easy removal; but in the end this may be my perfect excuse to pull the trigger on the dump trailer I’ve been wanting. So; as for cons: to me and my lifestyle, there are none.
  13. I’d like to find some in-channel window visors on sale, haven’t decided on brand yet. Always hear bad things about the back windows...
  14. I’ll be tying loads of pheasant tail nymphs with these. Lost a good many fishing this year, so time to stock up! Go up a size, 275-55 just don’t look right.
  15. Trade In or Wait

    I’ve decided to wait. You probably should wait too. I’m going to pay mine off and then start building up a down payment. I’ll keep this one till she starts nickel and diming me.

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