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  1. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    here’s my truck with my new cap. Need to wash the truck, but hard to keep it clean this time of year.
  2. My Dilemma

    I actually like that a lot. I may get one when I save up a few bucks!
  3. My Dilemma

    I’ve officially got my “old man card.” I really like the stance of my truck now. It looks like a 2500. I just wish it was a 2500, but in 4-5 years maybe I’ll have that. Honestly though, I think this setup will keep me very happy in the meantime.
  4. I just installed an AAL on my truck. I have spacers up front on mine, but I’m not sure how big they are because they were on the truck when I bought it. I’d leave the block in if I was you, I like the stance of my truck much better now.
  5. Those look good and I like that manufacturers are seeing the how important the severe weather rating is to buyers. That being said, my experience with pirelli resembles the above blazer review. I can safely say I’ll never own pirelli tires again...
  6. My Dilemma

    I was really looking into those, but I’ve got some longer items that won’t fit. Specifically a golf umbrella and ice scraper. I was also worried about hauling wood and breaking them, this I’m figuring I can easily relocate to the back seat in times of need. I do plan to secure whatever I get in one way or another. Also, the dogs will be in crates which will also be secured to the truck.
  7. Must have options

    I don’t think I included heated mirrors and rear glass on my list of must haves. Those I really consider a safety feature and they shouldn’t be something you have to pay extra for.
  8. My Dilemma

    So I did decide that I’m keeping this truck for the foreseeable future. I pulled the trigger on an add a leaf from zone which only cost 50$. Pretty cheap way to fix the rake. I can’t tell a difference in ride quality, and that’s driving the truck mostly empty which I don’t do often. I also ordered a new set of lug nuts because the chrome covers were breaking off mine. The oem ones were cheap junk. I ordered a Ranch Sierra truck cap and it’ll be ready for me to pick up on Thursday. It’s a few hour drive to get it, but I need to stop at Bass-Pro anyways. I’m getting a plastic box to replace my over the rail toolbox. https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/plano-sportsmans-tote?hvarAID=shopping_googleproductextensions&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI7YmH_OzU3QIVWFmGCh0Dgg-QEAQYBCABEgKbvfD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  9. 6.2v8 I do mobile 1 extended performance 0w-20 but am thinking of switching to 5w-30. Mobile 1 filter as well. I change every 8-10k miles or once a year. Check for level and color every 3k. Doesn’t seem to consume much, but I am worried about the pressure issues people seem to be having. my car and wife’s Jeep follow OLM. I put penzoil in the Jeep because mobile 1 doesn’t meet Chrysler specs...
  10. I suspect one of mine is on its way out. Just under 60k miles. Good to hear it’s not an expensive part, and I’ve done them before on different vehicles. It’s probably not hard. Do any of you guys know the tourque spec for the axle nut on these trucks? What made you suspicious of yours? My truck sounds funny on the highway when turning slightly to the left...
  11. Must have options

    I’m kind of a sucker for options. My truck isn’t exactly what I’d want, it has a few extras but missing some things I’d like. I could do without: Automatic transmission automatic climate control dual zone climate (although the wife likes it) id like to control the climate old school, like heat/ac vs degrees cooled seats Onstar I wish I had: sunroof NHT heated stearing wheel I like: 6.2 v8 Heated seats seats with lots of adjustments crew cab premium stereo xm radio theres of lots of things they put on new vehicles I don’t want: navigation traction control Anything that accelerates or stops by itself or beeps when it thinks I’m going to hit something. I draw the line at self driving vehicles.
  12. Tire Question

    Nice looking truck! I love the color and old school look with single cab! Anything is an upgrade from the SRAs... I’m running KO2s and have nothing bad to say about them. They are severe weather rated and would be my choice for a plow truck. I've read very good things about duratracs and coopers. I ran a set of coopers once back when they were ATR and they didn’t last long. They’ve supposedly improved a good bit.
  13. I’ve got a 70 year old tractor that I cut grass with... I don’t always trust it to start when I need it. I wouldn’t want a 70 year old car to get me to work every day. I think things today will last just as long if properly cared for. I plan to keep my 14 Camaro until I die, and as long as it stays out of salt it will last forever. My truck on the other hand will hopefully get me through the next six years or so. It gets abused and driven through all the chemicals PennDOT throws around. Back in the day they didn’t throw that crap on the roads...
  14. I’m not thinking of a RAM 1500, but will definitely be interested in the 2020 HDs. Probably wait till 21-22 though, but it depends on what all they change. 6.4 Hemi will be a beast if they can get a decent transmission behind it. I know RAM has reliability issues, but if the truck is 5-8k cheaper it’s worth it. Do you really think you’ll spend 5-8k in repairs? It’s especially worth it if you don’t keep it past warranty.
  15. This is good info! I’ve had some bad luck with GoodYear tires but have been really interested in Duratracs. I was also considering General ATX. Based on your experience with KO2s I have 30k miles left with mine, so a while to decide.

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