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  1. You won’t see rear gear options from GM. GM seems to think 1 size fits all, it’s been this way for quite some time. To be fair, most people don’t know the difference. Be nice to see some kind of upgrade for 2022. I’m not sure when I’m going to be ready to pull the trigger, but diesel will force me into the used market.
  2. Probably just need to go a bit faster to get rpms up. I know with my 14, 1500, 6.2, 6 speed w/ 3.42 gears seems to be better off at 70mph. My TT weighs around 5,500lbs and I have no issues with towing it. I’m am seriously looking at the 6.6 gasser, but not if it’s a downgrade.
  3. I have to say, this is very disappointing. It almost seems like they want to force me into a Diesel. Ram 6.4 didn’t fair much better in the IKE and it has an 8 speed. Ford Godzilla is really the only option for gas.
  4. I reused my gaskets on the rear and transmission. Filled diffs and transfer case till it ran out. Dex6 in transfer case. 75w-90 in diffs.
  5. How much over payload are you? It seems from a legal standpoint you get 5% leeway. So in the case of my truck I can be like 300lbs over GVWR and still be legal. I’m only 80lbs over, so I’m going to try to make it work until 2022. It’s getting harder to wait though. Putting bikes and kayaks in the camper instead of the truck is going to get old really fast. I want a HD truck with 8 foot bed, fiberglass cap, and roof rack for the yaks.
  6. You want a good, properly adjusted weight distribution hitch. I prefer the ones with built in sway control such as fastway or equalizer. I have an e2 and it’s really awesome. If you’ve still got issues after that, than Roadmaster Active Suspension is the next step. I’d also upgrade to LT tires, but try airing the ones you have up to max before spending money on new.
  7. I’m looking at a gas hd for my towing needs as well. Essentially in the same boat as you. If you go diesel, you want a 3500 or you’ll run into the same issue you have now. I’m trying to stick with gas just because of price.
  8. I really think that’s too much trailer for your truck. I’m much shorter at 26 feet and I’m betting I’m over on payload. I’ll find out for sure when I hit the scales this week. Advertised hitch weight on mine is like 520 lbs, but who knows what it really is.
  9. Private campgrounds are opening here May 1. I’m. Not sure about state parks. Our first trip is booked for early June.
  10. Today my truck tied the knot! I’m really excited for the adventures this will allow us to take!
  11. It’s been a while since I had my Sierra in deep water, but everything on these trucks seems sealed up well. I’ve changed all my fluids since and have no evidence of water. Many miles since and no issues. Good to see others enjoying the outdoors and adventure!
  12. Yeah I would’ve liked that. The outdoor kitchen, which 19dbxl has, was a huge priority for my wife. I didn’t think it was a deal breaker, but it’ll be nice to get a beer without going inside.
  13. This is the one we were set to buy, it does have double bunks. 19dbxl:
  14. That unit is almost exactly the same as the one we would be getting if not for Corona. Ours has the bunks and bathroom flip flopped but similar weight and length. I’ll have about the same cargo as you and fiberglass cap as well. Good to know the truck can handle it. I hope I can still get mine after all this nonsense goes away.
  15. He has a double cab 5.3 so I’m sure he’s got more than 1500lbs payload. My truck is a loaded crew cab standard bed and I have just shy of 1500lbs. We just placed a deposit on our first TT as well. Forest River Wildwood X-lite 19dbxl. The dry weight is 4300lbs. Gross Weight is 7500. These guys saying to base off gross trailer weight are crazy. Each TT has a different cargo capacity, mine being fairly high. The one you’re looking at has less than 1500 lbs Of cargo capacity. There’s no way we will have over 3000 lbs in our trailer. I’m guessing we will be around 5,500 loaded
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