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  1. Travel trailer towing capacity?

    I’m looking into floor plans exlike this. I also like the 230bhxl with the slide. My truck is a 14 CC St Bed 6.2 with around 1500lbs payload. I wish I had the max tow package, but I do have an extra leaf spring in the rear. My truck goes my 5k lbs dump trailer fine, but that’s usually just me in it and nothing else. I’ll be traveling with my wife, daughter, and 2 dogs. Have you ever had it on scales to know what your hitch weight is loaded? I’m concerned about running out of payload. Can you fold up the Murphy bed without taking all the fixings off? I’d like to be able to fold it up easy if it’s raining and we’re stuck inside. Any reasons you went with Forest River vs other brands? I’m going to an event show this weekend to check some things out. I can’t buy until later this year when my car is paid off. I’m really looking forward to getting out camping! I don’t want to upgrade truck for a few more years, so I want a trailer that this truck will handle comfortably for many miles.
  2. White certainly would not be my first choice because of the work truck thing. Mine is an SLT with a good bit of chrome, so probably doesn’t look too much like one. Then again, I use it as one, so if the shoe fits... It hides dirt and paint defects extremely well and looks really good with just a pressure washer. I put a lot less effort into keeping it clean compared to my crystal red Camaro. It’s a good bit bigger so I’m thankful for that. My next truck will not be white non the less.
  3. Wife got knocked up 2 months after this post.... I did get a cap shortly after that, and now a trailer to do all the things my bed used to do. So far my daughter can’t reach the windows, so they are clean. I DD A Camaro when there’s no salt on the roads, so I don’t mind my old man truck so much. It sure beats a mini-van, plus I doubt a mini-van is pulling my new dump trailer.
  4. Y’all are funny. Honestly, I’d buy a set of ridge graps if they were severe weather rated. They definitely clean out mud better than my ko2s. I’m assuming txgreek is from Texas and there’s no need for snow traction. Ridge graps would be the perfect tire for that. I’d never run a lt tire in the low 40’s, especially on a hd. 80psi would only be fully loaded.
  5. Meh. No complaints with my KO2s. They’re better in every aspect than the KOs I had on my last truck. I run them at 48psi and they’re wearing just fine at 30k miles with plenty of tread. I’ve climbed a few mountain logging roads in the snow this winter without any hesitation. I’m not saying they’re the best tire ever, and I may choose something different next time around, but they’re a damn good tire.
  6. Does anyone on here have one of these dump trailers? I’m thinking of getting one for hauling mulch and gravel. I like that it has ramps and I could put my tractor on it. It’s around $3,600 which is about average for this size trailer. http://extremeroadandtrail.com/66108.php
  7. Topper Questions

    That looks really good! I have a Ranch cap as well and I’m very happy with it.
  8. Nice upgrade. I’ll be doing the same someday. I bet you were close to exceeding payload with the camper and kayaks.
  9. That’s pretty impressive. I don’t think you can get a similarly equipped ford with that much. This could keep me in a half ton. My truck, a 14 non NHT, only has 14xx. I’m glad to see you can get this high payload on High Country.
  10. That’s a good looking truck! What’s the payload on the door sticker?
  11. Rear U-bolt torque spec?

    I thought the tourque stretched the threads. On my old truck I used new ones, but this truck isn’t that old. I’m not too worried about reusing oem.
  12. Rear U-bolt torque spec?

    I’m pretty certain my AAL instructions said 90ft/lbs. I reused the oem bolts because I figured with the AAL I’d be tightening the nut on different threads.
  13. I have to agree with this guy. You’ve got a great looking truck, but fake scoops are tacky.
  14. 2014 Silverado Squatting

    I have a similar load on mine: (crew w/ 6.5ft bed) Fiberglass cap, toolbox filled with junk, and dog crates. I chose a zone Add A Leaf as the solution. Got the back end up a bit and didn’t screw up my ride much. If the weight is always there, than I’d go with stiffer springs in some way shape or form. I didn’t want to fool with airbags and didn’t really need the adjustments.
  15. Is yours a short bed or standard? LTZ or High Country? I’m interested in the payload sticker of a High Country 6.2 Standard Bed Max Tow. 1866 is excellent for my needs, but anything over 1700 would fit the bill I think.

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