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  1. Good thread guys. I was thinking about going to 5w-30 when I get my camper and I will have to use the rest of my 0-20 in the first of the change over.
  2. Odd Tire Wear

    Yes, I’m sure that’s part of the problem. I’m sure that the toe alignment is out of whack. I’d bet when the previous owner installed the leveling spacers it was not realigned. I, like an idiot, didn’t bother to check or have the dealer I bought from align before purchasing. All four tires are like this at this point. I’m concerned that since they are so worn the they will force the truck back out of alignment if I just do that.
  3. So I’ve got KO2s on my truck, 31k miles on them, and rotated every 6-10k miles. Truck has coils spacers up front and AAL in the rear. Tires are 275-55-20 lt running 48psi. I’m assuming the truck is out alignment, causing my problem. They are worn a much more on the outsides, and the insides look almost new. I’m wondering if I should have them taken off the rims and flipped so the outside becomes the inside? Then align the truck? Or just flip tires and leave the alignment alone? I’d like to get 1 more winter out of these, but as it sits I don’t see that happening. I will definitely align the truck when it’s time for new rubber. Plan was to get either new ko2s or general atx fall 2020 (pushing 50k on my current tires at that time). Probably go up to 285-55-20s for the next set.
  4. I’d just keep your truck. You’ve got a nice rig there and unless you’re towing there’s no need for the cumins. I wanted to unload my truck a year or so ago, and once I realized how little it was worth, I kept it. I was by no means upside down, but the hit just made me sick to my stomach. In the end I’m glad I still have it and not any of the POS trucks I thought I could pay cash for.
  5. About my truck? 1. All black interior. I wish for cocoa dune or brown High Country interior. 2. It’s not a NHT. 1500lbs payload is a bit shy of my needs. Probably going to need to upgrade to a 2500 in the future. A NHT would have allowed me to keep this longer.
  6. ResistAll vs Zeibart vs Krown

    That looks really good! I’m interested to see how it holds up long term.
  7. ResistAll vs Zeibart vs Krown

    My truck is pretty trashed underneath as well. I’m definitely going to do something for my next one. I plan to keep the next truck a long time.
  8. Sorry to hear about your dad. If you’re planning to keep the truck I’d go with the CST kit like txgreek. I like Dodge trucks but I think GM has a slight edge in reliability. Good luck with the build!
  9. I’m very interested in these motors, but the 6 speed in the GM trucks in really forcing me away. Direct Injection is not helping me to stay with GM either. I don’t know why it bothers me given that both of my current vehicles are DI. I’ve just read so many bad things that it causes me to hesitate a little, especially since I plan to order my next truck, exactly how I want it, and keep long term.
  10. You’re not wrong assuming money is a non-issue. A suburban with the same options is going to cost substantially more than a CC short bed truck. I think that’s why truck sales are exploding.
  11. I’m extremely happy that I didn’t go with the short bed. I’ve hauled a lot of stuff having the 6.6 bed over the years. While I now have a trailer to full fill most of those needs, I still don’t regret the longer truck. It’s really nice for camping trips and I have two dogs that ride back the as well. I’m actually thinking a 2500 crew cab with 8’ bed is in my future. I try to steer clear of crowded parking lots and I DD my Camaro. Wife’s Jeep is our grocery getter.
  12. Truck broken into. FAST too!

    Only once in the five years I’ve been around. It wasn’t a gun though that they were looking for though.
  13. Truck broken into. FAST too!

    There’s probably more places like that than you’d think. Given the amount of hooligans in today’s world it’s an understandable policy, but then again, do people with bad intentions follow policy? I work in the resort business and this is the second property I’ve been at with this policy. They will fire you if you don’t let them search your car.
  14. Truck broken into. FAST too!

    Company policy is no weapons in your vehicle even if you have a permit to carry. They can search our vehicles at any time for any reason. I just found out Friday that if I get into a motor vehicle accident outside of work, and the insurance company or police deem it my fault, I will be suspended for 6 months. Then they wonder why we can’t hire people...
  15. Truck broken into. FAST too!

    I guess I’m not too far out of line by leaving mine unlocked... I had to quit carrying because of where I work, and I haven’t locked my truck since.

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