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  1. Doing BDS/FOX 8" lift coilovers up front with 6" block in back with add-a-leaf. Maybe just go 3.73 and call it a day with forced induction.
  2. I have a 2014 6.2L 6L80 transmission Sierra Denali that has stock 3.42 gearing now. I plan on a power adder very soon either turbo or supercharger and was debating which gear ratio to go with. I am running 35's now on a 6.5" lift but adding another 1.5" lift very soon. I do tow with the truck and don't care about fuel mileage just don't want to over gear the truck. Just wondering who has a similar setup and how they like it.
  3. Where did you get these and which part number fit your truck??
  4. Before I did the zone lift I had them on the highest setting and it rode like crap.....put back to stock setting and did rough country bottom spacers which it rode better. Did the 4.5 zone lift and eventually 6.5 lift with them set at factory level.
  5. That's what I have now and they look like crap.....someone needs to make something that will last.
  6. Thank you.....man, does anyone make anything to stand up to the weather here? I really appreciate the pics and information.
  7. I have bilsteins on my truck with a Zone 6.5". I was looking to swap to Fox Shocks/Coilovers setup and was wondering guys who are running them, how do they look after a year or two? I am in the North East and my bilsteins look like crap after 1 year. I daily drive my truck and its subjected to road salts and brine etc in the winter. I keep up with it the best I can but not matter what it still doesn't hold up. I just don't want to spend all that money and have them look like crap after 1 winter. Pics are appreciated.
  8. I have a 2014 and retrofitted a usb charging coil which I ran to the usb connection in my console. It charges my Galaxy S8 fine but once you use it for Pandora or Waze, the phone gets an error message for slow charge. I wanted to try using a Samsung Fast Charge coil setup but was wondering if it would actually fast charge. I think I may need to hardwire it using a fast charge usb port. Has anyone tried this?
  9. http://www.redtailperformance.com/exhaust-muffler-tip-dual-round-double-wall-forward-forward-slash-cut-staggered-3-inlet-id-10x4-outer-dimension-od-16-length-rtp-070b/
  10. All well and good as far as an upgrade.....since you can only run 22" rims do they plan on a new spare tire? What if you get a flat up front??
  11. I sent Amp Research a message stating that they should list the amount of drop on their website since they now list a few options.
  12. I just saw some on amazon, which one did you use? They show a bunch of options.
  13. Looking to purchase Amp Research retractable running boards....2 questions. 1) How far do the come down from the body when they are extended down? 2) Who has the best prices? Just want to make sure they drop down low enough more than my factory running boards.
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