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  1. I am on my third lease in a row. I started with a 2014 double cab Silverado when I was in college because it was a way to get cheap payments and have a new reliable truck. Went way over my miles (15k miles over the 45k total). Bought the truck out and traded it back to the dealer on another lease the same day. Cost me about 2 grand to do it which was cheaper than the mileage overage. Lesson learned on mileage overages. Rolled that 2 grand into the new lease on a 2017 double cab Silverado. It kept my payments low coming out of school, buying a house, paying student loans monthly, and everything else that comes with. Fast forward three years, GM lease loyalty combined with early lease buyout and a few other incentives put me in a new 2019 crew cab 5 months before my last lease was up with zero money down and a payment increase of $30 bucks a month. I was dead set on buying a used K2 crew cab when my lease was up, but I knew where I wanted to be with payments, and itt didn't make sense to buy used and have a similar payment on a truck with 70k miles on it plus very likely have to put money down on it to do it. There are pro's and con's to both, but so far my leases have been good for me. If I still like my T1 I will likely buy it out at the end of the lease. Time will tell.
  2. They are symettrical other than the direction of the slots, I put them on like that because I thought it would catch less wind and prevent any noise from wind whistling throught the steps. They are backwards technically yes.
  3. You'll like the RB10's! Just be aware that they have a heavy texture on them that holds dirt. I love mine. They do a great job at protecting my doors, rockers, and even the box side in front of the rear wheels!
  4. Reading through this makes me feel way more unprepared! I always get called paranoid for the stuff in my truck but now I think I need more! I have an Undercover swing out box with ratchet straps, bungee's, jumper cables, bug spray, and who knows what else. Then I have a rubbermade hd tote strapped in the front corner with 60 feet of tow straps, another 25 feet of chain, a bunch of d rings and hooks, and some short chains for wrapping axles and stuff, along with a gallon of coolant and a quart of oil. We get some pretty nasty winters up here so I always have enough winter clothes to survive the night at least too. I will always stop if there's a car in the ditch to see if they need help. It feels good to be able to save someone a $500 dollar tow bill with pretty minimal effort to do it. So far I haven't came across anybody too sketchy, but there will be a handgun added to my list soon.
  5. It's been over a year since I got my truck from there, and mine was a lease and it was the first one I've ever bought new, so I can't really speak from experience on that question. But from a lease perspective, I talked to my closest dealer before I talked to Smith Motors and the local dealer had a black lt1 double cab and Smith had a black lt2 double cab Z71 with heated cloth seats and Smith was over a hundred dollars a month cheaper for a better optioned truck. I'd give them a call and see what they say. I'm sure it depends on what rebates are active and how long they've had the truck you want.
  6. I bought my truck from Joel Sirek at Smith Motors in Wahpeton, ND. I know its a few hours away from you but I would definitely recommend this dealer. Its about the same distance from where I live to Wahpeton as it is from Sioux Falls and it was definitely worth the drive. Very nice people, very straight forward and they were willing to work with me on getting the best price they could. My truck actually came from a different dealer in South Dakota someplace because they didn't have an LT2 like I wanted. My boss bought his Denali HD there after hearing how good my experience was and he couldn't have been happier either.
  7. My rockers and doors are so chipped I'm embarrassed by it! My trucks got 20k miles and it looks like its seen 100k of gravel. I do drive a ton of gravel but I've never had a Chevy designed so poorly for off highway driving. The doors are basically the rockers now since they stick out farther than the rockers themselves. I have already had one box side repainted due to a hit and run in a parking lot, but the doors and rockers, and driver side box side need a ton of touch up. I've had long mudflaps on since I got it, and the tread on my tires don't stick out past my wheel wells. I finally got my Go Rhino RB10 running boards that are an absolute life saver on whats left of my paint. I'm really debating bed lining it, but it kills me to think about spraying something as permanent as that on an almost brand new truck! Once I go that route there's no going back...
  8. I live 20 miles from the Polaris factory, in our area there are more rangers on city streets than bicycles! The local law enforcement is very good to us about it and Polaris even has clearance to test the Rangers and RZR's on the highway. Its not uncommon to meet a RZR going 60+ on a county hwy. Street legal in town as long as the driver is old enough and seat belts are worn properly
  9. Pulled one of our resort's track rigs home a few weeks ago. My truck spends more time towing boats and trailers then driving empty! I love the way it pulls, much better than my truck in the previous body style. I didn't even have my truck a full month in this picture. The resort is on an island, this was the last trip I made across the ice before it all melted. Definitely a pucker moment driving my new truck through almost a foot of ice cold lake water with a trailer behind me!
  10. I have one of these on the drivers side in my box. I really love the storage, but I can never keep the self tapping screws in place. I drive on alot of rough MN roads and thats probably why, but I have mine bungee strapped up to my bedcover mounts to relief some stress and vibrations on it. Other than that, super handy!
  11. Alright guys, so its been awhile since I said I was gonna post before and after pics of my Go Rhino RB10's on my '14 Double Cab Silverado. I finally got around to getting some pictures taken, I'm sorry my truck is a mess haha. Like I said before, I drive on a ton of gravel which is the only reason I bought the boards in the first place. I can tell you that they help a ton with rocks that used to hit the bottoms of my doors, and they protect the bottom corners of my bedsides too. If I had to name one thing I dont totally like about them its the texture. You can see in the pictures how it holds dirt and dust and makes them a different color then the truck. Its not a huge issue, just sort of bugs me. All in all very happy with them and would reccommend them to anybody who had rock chips in their doors like I did and wants to stop that. Before: After: Trucks pretty dirty here! My family owns a remote resort on an Island in the northernmost part of MN. Its almost 100 miles of gravel to get up there and back so my trucks relatively clean in this pic compared to usual!
  12. I had the same issue with my RB10's. Haven't called yet, Its not a huge issue but when you pay for five hundred dollar running boards you shouldn't have defects like that...
  13. Just got my Go Rhino Boards installed today! Meant to take an after picture but it got dark before I finished it up, so I'll post the before and after tomorrow. So far I'm happy with them. The only reason I decided to put boards on is living in the northernmost part of Minnesota I drive on almost 500 miles of gravel a week and my doors were taking an absolute beating. The boards were really easy to install. I probably spent an hour and a half putting them on by myself, and wasn't rushing by any means. I think after I get the truck leveled I will like them even more. The finish on them suprised me, I'm a little bit on the fence about how textured it is, but it seems tough enough to stand the rocks they are gonna see in their life so I can deal with it. I got them from CarId.com, and they were very good to deal with. They price matched another website and shipped within 24hrs of ordering them. I'll post some pics tomorrow
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