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  1. Can you post pictures of your truck with the wheels and tires? Looking at a similar setup. Thanks!
  2. I second the iconic automotive 41 series. Have them and you can tuck them up very close to the cab. Good price on them too.
  3. Following up on this question. Any issues with this kit?
  4. Looks great! I’m having the Factory 2” lift installed Monday and will probably end up going with the same setup as you.
  5. Do you possibly have the part numbers and how much that cost?
  6. Who is the group in TN that is doing that? I'm interested as well.
  7. I believe you can get the Nitto Ridge Grappler in a P rated tire in that size.
  8. Sorry to bump an old thread, but does anyone else have thoughts on this? Trying to make a decision myself. Maybe a picture from the side?
  9. Please do. Interested in doing this as well. Did the dealer have any issues with you buying it online as opposed to going through them?
  10. Where did you get the body caps to plug the holes?
  11. I purchased my new LTZ a week or so ago and this morning, the radio would not emit any sound. Pulled up XM and local stations, but no sound would come out. I got out of the truck and it sat for about an hour or so, and when I got back in it, everything worked fine.
  12. Any other pictures? Trying to decide on a set right now...
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