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  1. I just got my pulley changed to smallest size today, 11psi boost, 450 to the wheels with a 5.3...I also now need a new tranny.
  2. krzyd's 2014 Denali

    Bolted on, but it's not a perfect fit, I'm going to have the body shop graft it eventually, I got it from stylin' trucks.
  3. krzyd's 2014 Denali

    New coolant reservoir came in finally
  4. Painting grille parts

    Sand, sand, sand, prime, sand, paint, wet sand clear, wet sand, clear.
  5. As long as the brakes don't get any Mexican water on them you should be okay.
  6. krzyd's 2014 Denali

    Right on all points, which is why I'm getting a re-tune next week, and likely going to another respected tuner afterwards to double check. I'll post new dyno numbers after
  7. krzyd's 2014 Denali

    She's back home now, gonna up the boost a bit in a week or so, and she needs a good detail. I really like how she's running and driving overall, I'm tweaked at my mechanic though, seems they neglected to power the intercooler pump, good thing I found it I guess.
  8. krzyd's 2014 Denali

    Drove the truck for the first time Friday, felt good after second, but not what I want off the line, I think it is correctable. Braking was really good, as was the ride. There are still a few cosmetic things finishing up by Wed. I can go down 2 more pulley sizes on the supercharger, which I will be doing. I've posted the dyno sheet below
  9. krzyd's 2014 Denali

    I may need some education on this.
  10. krzyd's 2014 Denali

    Exhaust pics with cutouts
  11. krzyd's 2014 Denali

    https://picclick.com/Chevy-Silverado-Tailgate-Spoiler-Wing-2007-13-SS-Intimidator-162976368036.html This is what is being used, the corner pieces are being deleted and the whole thing is being shaped to eliminate the screw holes underneath, then it will be hydrodipped in CF and installed.
  12. krzyd's 2014 Denali

    A few more detail pics, hoping to be driving this thing by Friday, but it will probably really be next Tuesday. Vinyl wrap on window pillars and under color matched stainless bed rails. The tailgate is getting a very low-pro spoiler in carbon fiber.
  13. krzyd's 2014 Denali

    This is my burn out set of tires, I'll get Pirelli after I smoke thess
  14. I'm running a 2/4 that measured out 3/5, hope that helps . I think the black wheel well trim can throw off the drop visually too, so mine are painted. One other thing I considered, I'm 6'5", so I didn't want to feel like I was crawling up to get out of the truck.

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