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  1. 6.2 fuel milage?

    I have a 2017 High Country with 3700 miles, and I average 18.6 mpg , mostly city and I use 89 octane fuel, it is better than my 2014 5.3, can't complain
  2. Well I did it

    Good question,there are plenty of options for the 5.3, the 6.2 not so many. I want the exhaust to be cat back duals coming out by each rear wheel, magnaflow made a nice setup for the 5.3 not for the 6.2, I'm looking at Gibson, but my options are open.
  3. Well I did it

    Saddle interior, with Iridescent Pearl Tricoat exterior, same color combo as my 14, I doubt the people I work will think its a new truck, which is a good thing
  4. Ordered a 17 Silverado High Country 6.2 late January or early February, it came in last week and I pick it up on the 19th. Having the dealer mount my tires from my 14 High Country to the new truck, the michelins are far better than the goodyears it comes with, the michelins only have about 5k on them. I hope is truck is as problem free as the 14 was. Just looking to have some fun with this motor. The exhaust and the CAI will be next
  5. 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee, would of kept it if not for all the trouble and recalls
  6. HID headlights Blind spot info system Adaptive Cruise Rear seat heat and cooling Heated rear seats Push button start
  7. Sunroof Wind Deflector

    yea, a Sunroof Wind Deflector, it is so quite you don`t even know the sunroof is open
  8. Looking for mudflaps

    I put WeatherTech on my truck no drilling fit great
  9. Heated Steering Wheel

    checked mine this morning, heats up all the way around, 2014 silverado
  10. I put the exact same things on about 1.5 months ago, have not noticed much of a change in MPG, because I'm always stepping on it, it sounds so good!
  11. It depends where you buy them, GM $300.00 plus, ReflectiveConcepts.com around $75.00
  12. I like the way it looks, so I put a set on my truck, adds the perfect touch.
  13. cat back exhaust

    I skipped Borla and had a MagnaFlow exhaust installed, Nice sound not too loud, I`m happy with it.
  14. check out all the changes here http://eogld.cloud.gm.com/
  15. My Silversdo - It`s Here

    I ordered one because they did not have one equipped the way I wanted. Usually you can negotiate a better price for an ordered vehicle as opposed to one on their lot because they are not making payments on an ordered one. In the state I`m in I don`t believe you lose your deposit if you back out of the deal.

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