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  1. I did. I ran wires through the little holes and fish them through the mirror housing(take off mirrors) into the inside of the door which required me to remove the top half of a door panel. I posted a photo of where those wires come out(posted above). I added wire loom to make it look like it was part of the design as opposed to just having wires running through. From there the wires kept running through the fender which gave me access to the engine bay and tapped into the headlight parking lights.
  2. I drilled out a little hole to allow wires to go through on each mirror. The LED pods have the wires coming out in the center, ion the back and have all weather 3M double sided tape which holds very strong. The LEDs are meant for semi trucks.
  3. Here's mine, had installed mine about 2.5 years ago. Also added side mirror clearance/running leds.
  4. Here's what I used which I got at a home decor/crafts store(Michaels) of all places. It was $5.50 super cheap.
  5. I made another quick short video during my break hopefully this helps you out. It was very easy to do.
  6. Yes that is correct. My footwell lights are wired the same way, they only come on when the doors are open or I turn on all the overhead lights with the main switch on the overhead. That purple wire with green stripe turns on and stays on when it's dark and it also turns on when any door is open, day or night. So while driving at night, that ambient greenish LED I installed stays on, while the footwell lights stay off until I open a door.
  7. Here is a quick video I did, I figured it'd be easier than going back and forth with replies on this thread. Don't mind my dirty truck.
  8. I know it's not red, but since Chevy uses a teal color, I had to make my own matching color LED. I bought some teal spray paint for glass (translucent). I already had a pair of small XKGlow white LED pods that I used for the footwell lighting, so I sprayed painted one of them with the translucent teal color until it matched(2-3 light coats) the OEM teal color.
  9. Came shortly after bringing my truck home from the dealer. As for how much it cost, just $75 for the matching colors, black and red. Here's a closer look. Easy on and off.
  10. Do you have more photos of that bar? Also what's the price? I like how wide it is. I'm also considering the gorhino push bars, but they look exactly like police cruiser push bars. (Probably helps that I used to be SBSO)
  11. I've been thinking of doing this for a good while now. When I saw another member with a black truck with similar lights to these, I knew I had to get it done. How did you cut into the bumper?
  12. 173? Where did you find those? Cheapest I found was $240.
  13. Are they much brighter/more forward reach than the stock? Really am considering these.
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