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  1. I have a 2014 Sierra with Nav. Trying to find out if it can accept GPS coordinates to set a destination. Tried searching for this topic first but came up blank. Thanks
  2. My Intelilink connection to my iPhone keeps disconnecting and connecting while driving. Tried deleting the device from the truck and re-pairing it. Did the same to the GMC device on the phone. Still happening. Had the truck a little over a year. Same phone. Never an issue until lately. Any ideas?
  3. You could certainly get an aftermarket tuner like a Diablosport or something if you want to go that route. But there MAY be a solution from GM at some point. Check out the thread below. http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/169997-transmission-fix-finally-for-14-15-sierra-silverado-woooot/
  4. Todd, I respectfully disagree. The dealers can't diagnose and follow a repair procedure from GM if GM refuses to formally recognize the issue and offer a fix. And fix isn't even the proper word here. These transmissions are performing the way GM engineered and programmed them to, so in their eyes there is no need for a "fix". I truly believe this is due to a purposeful decision on GM's part to forego performance for the sake of fuel mileage. Period. I think their thought process was to put this product out to market as is because "John Q Public won't know the difference". For the relatively sm
  5. Anyone have any experience with BedRug bed mats? I have a factory drop in bed liner but thinking about getting a carpet like mat to go over it and the tailgate.
  6. Just started a new topic re: apps for GMC Intellilink a few minutes ago. Got a few replies and now its gone! anyone ever have this happen?
  7. Nope. In order to use it with voice commands u must be plugged into USB. Otherwise you have to navigate thru songs from your iPhone.
  8. Anyone know why GMC doesn't have iTunes as an app? I mean Pandora is cool but even that requires my iPhone to be connected to a USB port. The Intellilink should be able to upload my iTunes. The phone app automatically uploads contacts when the phone is paired. It would be nice to sync my iTunes directly into the truck so I can play my tunes without plugging into a USB. Plus why are there < > arrows on my home screen if I don't have more than one screen of apps?
  9. I guess I'm old school. I religiously shut off all accessories before I shut down the engine. Its foreign to me to have an accessory turn on when I start the engine.
  10. Kristen, At this point I will assume this is how it is engineered to work. Its all good. I just wanted to make sure there isn't a setting somewhere I missed that gives me the option of turning it on only when I want. I am curious though as to what the thought process was in making it that way. Convenience I guess??
  11. Here's the deal with mine. When I picked up my new truck the dealer only had one key and fob. They couldn't find the other one. It took a couple days for them to cut a new one. When I went in to pick it up they obviously had to program the fob that came with it. That fob does not move my seat when I use it to unlock my door. My original fob moves my seat to the setting 2 position. That's how I know my original fob was fob2 and to my knowlegde the only way one can determine which fob is which. I contacted my dealer and they told me to come back in and they will re-program the new one co
  12. Exactly. Same here. Guess its not a biig deal but I just want the ability to only have the radio on when I turn it on.
  13. Again, I am able to shut it down completely and I get the big clock. But the next time I get in my truck and start it up, the radio is on.
  14. Exactly. But the next time I start my truck, its on.
  15. Got a new 2014 Sierra SLT. Every time I get in and start it up my radio is already on even if I shut it down the last time I left the vehicle. I want to be able to turn it on only when I want it on. I've been through all settings and the manual doesn't appear to state anything. Any ideas?
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