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  1. Well shoot! It doesn't look like they'll foot the bill for new brakes, which at about 64k miles I think I need because they are starting to pulsate when I brake now.
  2. I have the revolver on my 2014 Silverado Double Cab. I have one word for it. Junk. 5 years and it's coming off as soon as I can decide on the next one to put on. My first beef is it's a total PITA to roll up/down when it's below 40 degrees. I live in Michigan so that means about 6 - 8 months a year. After 5 years, I just opened the tail gate to see the black cloth strips that are were glued to the underside have come unglued. We've had a few weeks of +85 degree sunny days so my guess is that it took 5 years, but the heat melted whatever cheap adhesive they used. For whoever reads this post, save yourself headache and find a different cover - Revolver is great, really, really great at first - make no mistake - I said AT FIRST - but that's it. It won't take but one cold day and most likely, you will wish you got a different cover.
  3. Yes indeed - if you can find it, it most certainly is worth filling up with E85 one time just to feel the nice power increase. Definitely noticeable.
  4. I get such poor mpg with E85 that unless it's at least 30% less than regular gas, I won't bother. I do love the extra performance, but getting about 17mpg on regular gas and only about 12 on E85, it needs to be really cheap before I bother.
  5. I don't plow commercially but I posted this when I first put my plow on. https://www.plowsite.com/threads/i-put-a-sno-way-plow-on-a-2014-silverado-1500.155939/
  6. That extra gallon makes that big of a difference?
  7. About 6,000 miles on my Duratracs and no increase in noise. I'll be rotating them in a week or two but I really like these tires after riding on those slippery SRA's the truck came with.
  8. Wow. Just wow. Sorry to hear about all of this BS you're going through. Since it burned up in your driveway, why won't your homeowners insurance cover it?
  9. Welcome and yes, after 34 months, I'm still very happy with mine!
  10. No running boards but I do have mudflaps I bought at Autozone a day after I bought the truck, and inside the door jams are pretty clean. I also live on a dirt road about a mile and a half from paved road and usually drive 40 - 50mph on the dirt road. I don't crawl unless the potholes make me. In the below picture, the truck has about 31000 miles on it - mud flaps do their job.
  11. Good to know. I always thought the bigger the tire, the smoother ride.
  12. I had it done at the dealer for $125.00+tax when I had just over 30,000 miles. Dealer recommends it every 30k miles. I had the miles, I had the money, I had it done about 6000 miles ago and I never noticed any earth shaking difference in performance or gas mileage. I saw a big puff of white smoke come out of the tail pipe one and only one time - that was when I pulled out of the dealer's lot after having it done. That is all.
  13. You bought your truck a year in advance lol Bosch Icons - expensive but excellent.
  14. My friend always pays cash, says he can't afford the payments.
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