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  1. Hey everyone, I have a 2014 Sierra with the 5.3L, I really don't like posting on the forums for issues because it can give a bad representation of what is generally a good vehicle. My truck never really exhibited any of the usual issues like the vibration but it has had a couple small fixes here and there. Moving seat, rusting frame, etc. this time I just wanted to give everyone the heads up. Well a couple months ago I was driving and the oil pump failed. It took 2 weeks to fix. When it happened I was pretty concerned about any possible damage it caused but the dealer said it looked ok. Fast forward to last week. Merging onto the highway, heard a pop and lights came on everywhere. Got it to the dealer, lifters collapsed on a cylinder. I was without my truck all last week as they fixed that issue. This sunday, less than 60 miles after I picked it up, I went to accelerate in town and heard the same pop but this time it wouldn't even move if I gave it throttle. Towed it down to the dealer and they finally looked at it yesterday. This time they are ordering me a brand new engine. Thankfully I still have powertrain warranty but this is a major disappointment and honestly I don't even trust the truck anymore. What would your recommendations be? Sell it, trade it, keep it and run it into the ground?
  2. Lol nope! They checked it with a code reader and no codes so they figured it was an electrical problem with the gauge. Guess we'll see!! I still have Powertrain warranty so if they say it's the oil pump or something I'll make them check to ensure there's no damage from driving without oil!
  3. Oil levels fine, thats the first thing I did. Yep under warranty - thank God for extended warranty if it is something other than powertrain. Dealer came and picked it up and drove it away lol - It's their problem now.
  4. Just to add into the confusion here... On my way to work this morning I got on the highway and right before I got to work, my oil pressure dropped to 0. Warning lights came on and told me to shut the truck off. I had like 200 yards to go so I just idled into my parking spot and shut it off right away. Now I really don't know what to do.
  5. The last couple days I have noticed a strange hum/vibration underhood. I chalked it up to the fact I had been gravel road driving lately and there was some gravel somewhere. Today I popped the hood and the sound is still there. It sounds like some kind hum or vibration around where the pullies are, and it sounds slightly louder on the passenger side. Another thing I noticed with the hood popped, neither of my fans were running. I tested with heater on, AC on, with the truck heated up after driving around, nothing would make the fans cut in. Do these not cut in or run at all times? I expect one would run all the time and the other would cut in when needed. The trucks going in on Thursday for an oil change anyways so I'll have them look at it. Just wondering if anyone has had this experience so I can describe it to the dealer better. And no... It is not the ticking from the Direct injection. I know what that sounds like.
  6. Thanks guys. My dealer has said the same thing that this part is covered by the 12 month part warranty. Initially they tried to say that it wasn't covered because my factory warranty had run out but they later realized the 12 month part warranty continues.
  7. I just have a hopefully quick question about warranty service. Back in March, I had the butt pad of my seat heater fixed because it quit working. This work was done under the factory 3 year warranty. My 3 year warranty ended in September a couple months back. Now, my seat heater has quit again in the exact same manner as last time. No butt heat, but the switch and back heat still work fine. I'm just wondering if this is something that GM should cover or the dealership should cover? If it turns out it is the exact same problem, I'd say they just didn't fix it right in the first place. I don't see how I should be on the hook for something they tried to fix but didn't even last a couple months. I don't use the heated seat in the summer from April-September. What do you guys think? They are looking at the truck this afternoon and are supposed to be getting back to me with a diagnosis.
  8. Just to clarify, I'm only talking about the little deflector (item #7) in the above linked diagrams. It's separate from the existing black plastic fender well mouldings which I would keep.
  9. I am considering taking off the plastic fender flares and getting them done in line-x so I might see what they look like after that. I already did Line-x on the rocker panels and bottom 4" of my doors which has helped with rocks quite a bit.
  10. I have tried searching with very little luck because I'm not sure what to call this thing. I'm talking about the little plastic flap in front of the rear tires on a 2014 Sierra. I get that they are for the purpose of deflecting air around the rear tire for better mileage. The issue I'm having is that with some gravel road driving, my flap is all cracked and broken because it's just cheap thin plastic. Does anyone have a solution, better design, idea to stop this or should I just take them off and live without them?
  11. Mystery suspension issue

    You don't need to jack your truck up to take off the rear shocks
  12. Wheel Wells

    Gotta agree here. It holds up pretty well to all the sand, and rocks that it deals with.
  13. That rust is terrible and the exact reason I've had a hard time deciding what boards to buy. I think no matter what, I'm going to be doing my steps in bedliner when I decide.
  14. I've got the Husky X-act mats in the front and rarely have issues with slush or dirt on the carpet. I do vacuum my truck in spring after winter and fall before winter. I've had a lot of people look at my truck and think it's brand new even though its over 2 years old now.
  15. Don't have a picture handy but I just taped my GMC logos off and did them in plastidip. It works awesome and looks great.

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