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  1. Located in North Eastern SD, i have for sale some OEM black painted door handles from my truck. Was going to install them after i found them but ended up selling my truck. I also have the tonneau cover i put on it with the clamps. It is 6 months old and in like new condition and fit very well. I have the handles on Ebay item #272133152513 For $250. The Access cover i would like $300 OBO plus buyer pays shipping. May be easier getting a hold of me by texting me at 605-380-2568. I probably wont check this post often.
  2. Its used aluminized. It's welded together so I'd prefer local or close people only. As for the rest, I could ship.
  3. I didn't get any yet. Will post soon. All items are in great condition.
  4. Hey guys, I'm trading my truck in and selling off some accessories. I am located in NE South Dakota but travel through Sioux Falls and to Omaha, NE often. I have a 6 month old Access classic tonneau cover for a 6 1/2' bed for $300, OEM Painted Black Door Handles in great shape for $250, and the new style all black Tow Mirrors with heat, all lights, and power upper glass without powerfold for $800. I just bought the door handles but never installed them, and the mirrors were only used for a week. Also selling a MBRP 3 1/2" system for 6.2 for $325. PM me for my phone number or with offers.
  5. I dealt with Billion GMC in Sioux Falls, calling and texting the salesman a week before the truck arrived. I live 4 hours away. They had a black '15 Sierra all terrain 6.2 with the longer bed in crew cab, traded from another dealer. I didn't get to haggle much as it was the only black 6.2 standard bed crew for 600 miles and my local dealer couldn't get it for me. They did give me a good trade in price though and treated me well.
  6. I'm assuming you have a 5.3. Axle wrap probably won't be noticeable on only 4" blocks. It all depends on the springs, HP, and load. With my 01 stock 5.3 with a loaded car trailer behind I could feel a little axle wrap on hard acceleration. My 05 duramax (chipped) with 2 1/2" blocks unloaded never noticed it. I'd say for the ride you'll sacrifice with plain-jane over the shelf springs from almost anyone except from deaver, you should be fine. If you do want to invest in rear leaf springs order a set from a well known company that will build them for you. Deaver is a popular company that builds leaf springs the correct way.
  7. I dont know for sure but would assume a titan tank wouldn't fit our trucks as they use every bit of usable space under the trucks. Being that the frames on 2500-3500's than our 1500's, I'll bet it would hit the body. Never seen a installed tank on a gm 2500-3500 though.
  8. They may not flush correctly due to the thermostat inline. Gm does not endorse flushing, in turn they say replace the fluid.
  9. I remember optioning trucks online on GM's site last fall and seeing an option for rear step delete.
  10. Before this update I noticed every once in a while when accelerating from 45-55 under steady mid throttle, my tach would surge a couple hundred rpm, but it was very intermittent and would only happen 45-55 (same place on my way to work). Maybe this was their correction. Although since the update I've notice a lot nicer shifting schedule. It doesn't bog the engine when I turn a corner at speed when accelerating away (picked too high of a gear). Also I've noticed it selects the right gear more often and shifts firmer and more pronounced but not too hard. In my opinion a lot more like it should have from the get go.
  11. Still not seen evidence this actually keeps di intake valves clean like they all advertise.
  12. Higgs, what tool has access to the 8 speed?
  13. The benefits of longer travel suspension are better travel (or wheel following) of rough terrain and with the use of custom valved shocks will make the vehicle a raptor killer. Meaning you can take on Baja style terrain faster. I dunno if anyone will essentially build a cheap kit because to market such the smart way would involve lawyers and insurance plus alot of testing to make sure it doesn't break and leave someone with a hefty lawsuit.
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