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  1. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    Before and after pictures... 2 inch Rough Country Level, AMP power steps with stainless trim, Bridgestone Dueler 275/60/20
  2. I'd still have them attempt to fix it. My seat had bad movement, tried the hose clamp fixed and it worked well for the side to side motion, However, the seat still felt loose at times. The dealership installed new clips (yes the white clips in question)...so far so good, the seat is does not move and has an overall more solid feel to it.
  3. Is this just an SLT issue? I've driven an SLE for a few weeks as a service loaner and never noticed movement in the seat. Come to think of it, the truck as a whole felt much more solid with no squeaks or rattles. I sometimes wish I just would have got cloth seats...
  4. popping noise in dash

    Curious to see if it does the pop noise in the fall and winter seasons. I'm use to all the problems associated with my truck...sad but true.
  5. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    That's the perfect look, exactly what I want.
  6. Just called the number listed for GM and checked my VIN for recalls. The lady could find nothing associated with my car, she opened a case for me and took the campaign and recall number. Apparently the higher ups are suppose to look into it....worthless.
  7. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    I like that setup, looks good!
  8. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    I want to do a leveling kit on my 4x2 but I definitely don't want the "offroad" look...just a nice level stance (maybe a tad lower in the front). I personally hate the stock LS2 tires on my 20s, will the factory 275/55/20 look odd once the level kit is installed? I really don't want a wider tire, but a more aggressive tread pattern that still rides smooth would be great. I wish my truck came with the Wranglers, I think that's a good looking tire...just didn't know what you guys recommended brand and size wise.
  9. Trust me, they don't want to go along with you or be outside for that matter when it's 110 degrees outside...unfortunately it's their job. This is just the car buying process my friend, you can bounce from dealer to dealer and I assure you it will be the same wherever you go. A good dealership will ask you if you want to take the car home for the night before buying. This will allow you alone time with the truck, make sure its fits in the garage, etc etc etc. At the end of the day the sales consultant is doing what he's told and trying to make a living at the same time, don't hate the player...hate the game.
  10. Leveling kit for 2WD

    Now if I could just figure out what tires would look good.....
  11. Leveling kit for 2WD

    Considering a 2.5 inch on my 4x2 as well, is an alignment necessary after the install?
  12. More than likely covered under warranty, just make sure your bass isn't absurdly cranked up on your sound settings. FYI, I thought I had the same problem going on until I checked and found some change in the passenger side door panel....
  13. This is exactly what I want. I believe its the airlift wireless one....Do you have part numbers for your setup?
  14. Ughhh, I know the feeling all too well. At least it's under warranty for the meant time. I will unfortunately be selling this truck as soon as the odo hits 36k.
  15. Side to side mostly, although it did feel like it stiffened the seat up altogether as a whole. I still think adjusting it until you find the sweet spot has worked the best for me. Going on a week with no movement...

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