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  1. 2014 transmission flush

    FYI: After dealing with a few..I have concluded that the DexronVI starts turning brown after 30K. According to oil "experts" it is very much OK.
  2. Replika Wheels?

    Factory reproductions....no complaints.
  3. XM radio subscriptions

    I just talked to XM folks yesterday....I have been doing this 5 month for $25 plan for the past 2.5 yrs. I just call when its about to expire and tell them to let me have that plan again or cancel me....they will do it to keep you as a customer.
  4. BlackBear AutoCal

    Good deal at $175.
  5. Black Bear Tune

    Cant go wrong with BlackBear. Be patient ! Justin is awesome !
  6. HD grilles are about 30% taller than 1500's.
  7. Swap out seats

    Western...you are right about plug and play. You have the existing wiring for power seats....so drop the new seats and go. The heating function will require some improvising. I too would try to use the oe switch panel. Keep us updated on how you got the heated seating resolved. Good luck
  8. Swap out seats

    A local guy has power leather seats working in a Reg cab WT...I do know he did wire off of the bcm for power function. His WT has retrofitted steering wheel with controls, leather power seats with console and signal mirrors. Not sure if his WT came with OE power window and locks..but he has them as well.
  9. Swap out seats

    They will work
  10. 2014+ Lowering / Drop Kits

    unfortunately not...but it is about 3/4" off the ball joint bolt end. It is pretty much now flush with the ball joint nut.
  11. 2014+ Lowering / Drop Kits

    THis....had to cut end off to run 17" cookies.
  12. FS GM CK-160 Wheels n Tires

    RT...those look great on your truck....what are you going with now? FYI: I was persuaded by your truck to get a set for mine...lol. Rick
  13. Took mine in just before christmas...had 4 recalls. Airbag, tow hitch,brake line bolt, and the seatbelt fix. Asked my service guy if it could be done with out the cutting of the flaps. He pulled the PIT bulletin...saw what it entailed and agreed it was crap. He said he would talk to the tech and have him not do the cutting. I have my seatbelt flaps intact. I would advise you to approach your service guy in a friendly manner and ask that they not do the cutting. Rick
  14. A decent tune cost $600?

    Once you drive your truck after being tuned by Justin....You will be wondering why you did not hand him your $600 sooner....lol
  15. Airaid jr kit for K2XX


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