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  1. They are quite a bit more expensive. The truck came stock with 17s which looked way too small on that big bulky body, so I went with 33s and 20s. After a year or 2 even those looked too small. So I stepped it up to 22s and 34.5s and it looks the best to me and was worth the added cost. You know what they say, you gotta pay to play!
  2. Not bad at all. Rubs the liner in reverse, I haven’t even tied the liners back on it yet. Those ridge grapplers are the best tire I’ve ever ran, and I think I’ve had em all lmao
  3. Had mine for years, g2 backflip. Easy as pie to install and mine don’t leak a drop that I’ve noticed
  4. Here you are sir. 285/55/22 ridge grapps on gm 22s
  5. Had my Amps for 3 years, been nothing but great! Not a single issue and super easy to install. I despise fixed boards, so these were a must. Can’t live without em!
  6. 2” level. 285/55/22 ridge grapps on factory 22s
  7. Just changed my truck up again. 2” rc level, 285/55/22 ridge grapps.
  8. My buddies ltz has the 40/20/40 leather bench. Always thought it was odd a ltz had it...
  9. I really want to try the rt's! I've got toyo mt now in a 295x55x20 and while they aren't loud, I would like a tad quieter next set.
  10. Welcome! 1. Most people simply match the front to rears. Which is 20%. 2. Delete just the muffler 1st. That's a good start, its cheap and adds some rumble. But its all subjective. 3. $200-300
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