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  1. Yeah, it just sounds like they didn't run it after the changeout to get all the air pockets out. After you ran it, the air came out and the coolant in the reservoir flowed back in to take up the air space. Just top off your reservoir or take it back to them to do it. DeWFPo
  2. Before the cat, the second sensor's job is to primarily see if the cat ahead of it is doing it's job. The sensor before the cat, reads the exhaust gases and gives the ECM the data. That data along with data from other sensors will allow the ECM to adjust the mixture. DEWFPO
  3. My '05 2500 is terrible in tight parking lots. It's like trying to manuever a Hook N' Ladder but without the rear steering. I hope they improved the horrible turning radius on these trucks. I would buy the 4 wheel steering in a heartbeat (no pun intended). I was so disappointed in GM for discontinuing it. DEWFPO
  4. Things that look a little off to me (but I'm not an expert) : MAP = 13.2 (I would think it should be around 14.7 or so) although the 13.2 might correlate directly to the 29.8 BARO reading. HOS2 B2 S2 (looks out of whack) Engine Load =3% (that's unrealistic, it's usually higher than that even at idle) LT Fuel Trim B2 = -12-12 (That looks out of whack as well). That Bank2 S2 O2 sensor looks like it may be dodgey. cylinders 4 & 6 are your worst offenders that they are next to each other. Have you sprayed any unlit propane or carb cleaner around t
  5. If you had a leaking intake gasket and you sprayed an ignitable fuel near the leak, the engine idle speed should have increased while you were spraying it in the location of the leak. I would not have expected it to kill your engine unless your engine was already running ridiculously rich. In which case you choked off the additional air and made the A/F mixture even richer. It could have been a fluke. Can you duplicate the engine dying. If yes, then I'd say you "at least" have a gasket failure. Are you sparkplugs wet or black? DEWFPO
  6. It doesn't make sense to me. What's your battery voltage, engine off and engine running after a few minutes? DEWFPO
  7. Could you post the entire link? The shortcut above does not work for some reason. Thanks, DEWFPO
  8. Have your buddy check all the temp sensors, engine, air, etc.... with the Scan II. If a temp sensor is out of whack it will affect how much fuel is injected and the ignition timing so you can have a no start condition. Also have him check the crank position sensor which tells the ECM when to fire the coils. DEWFPO
  9. You can test a leaking head gasket by spraying carb cleaner or throttle body cleaner around the mating surfaces while the engine is running. If it speeds up, you have an external leak. You can also use propane (un-lit of course). DEWFPO
  10. I use an Ultragauge to check all the sensors. I'm sure there's an app you can use with your cellphone, you'd need the app and a dongle to connect to the OBDII port. Others here know more about that than me and they can give you better advice. For example. My Ultragauge shows, ambient temp, engine coolant temp, trans temp and intake air temp. On a cold start, they should all match with a couple of degrees. DEWFPO
  11. Can you check the engine coolant temperature sensor, Intake air sensor, etc....? DEWFPO
  12. x2, The 3 things you list I do not feel will help. The alternator is not going to keep up with the load, it cannot and is not supposed to. The batteries are there to make up the difference when the load exceeds alternator output. The alternator just pumps the batteries back up as their capacity is reduced. An extra ground from engine to chassis might help but I agree with sdeeter19555. Run it as you have it and see what the issues really are now. DEWFPO
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