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  1. Glad some of you are having fun up there, glad I'm down here!
  2. LS crew cab 4.3 4x4 3.42 rear/lock diff tow pkg $38995 - 5.3/ 3.08rear add $1200 GM web site. Maybe GM will have a big sale and rebates this spring or wait till end of year Sept - Nov. I got mine last October
  3. How did you make a mistake? 4.8 great little engine 300 HP high rev short stroke, flat top pistons. Maybe tires too tall for gearing and transmission
  4. Go online and type Black chrome exhaust tips and several suppliers are listed Summit Racing ,Carid and others. Maybe a Silverline tip
  5. That's what I want to do but being single doubt get much back in tax refund. Range seems good to turn off AFM. Some say yes and no about performance gains with CAI I'm going to get a Airaid JR kit and use stock box. Considering 40 or 50 series Flowmaster havn't decided duel or single. Good luck with new truck and sure you will enjoy it . Upload some pictures please
  6. found pictures of 2012 installed and answered my questions , Magnaflow muffler smaller than huge OE muffler and used different hanger and another mounting location
  7. Seen from the last pictures they used stock type hangers, when had duels installed on the 2012 he used universal type hangers with rubber strap. I really didn't like the unused bracket on side of the frame, maybe straps better about vibration don't know. Going to get more info before install on my new truck. All clean welds Magnafow muffler duel to rear with 18" chrome tips $389 on the 2012
  8. 74 Nova 180,000 - 87 Mazda B2000 68,000 97 Tacoma 68,000 - 2000 Silverado 70,000 lost job had to sell. 2004 Monte Carlo 60,000 and last 2012 Silverado 18,000 no problems just wanted new truck
  9. how to upload pic for sig also unable to pick smiley. Tool bar covered in blue
  10. I prefer chrome with white , black wheels other colors. A picture of my work truck with polished aluminum wheels
  11. Thanks have seen video and sound really good but too expensive for me . Going back to a local Muffler shop who installed the duels on the 2012 I had. He has Flowmaster and Magnaflow in shop, sure he could order and install any type you want.
  12. . If I were to purchase a second set rims/tires would check out OE WHEELS LLC and click GMC wheels sets, some tire shops will order them. Don't forget lugs ,locks and TPMS , valve stems .
  13. you can go to settings and turn display off, still learning and pushing buttons on mine
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