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  1. seems like people are making excuses, if Ford can do GM should have the option. Denali.....
  2. Hopefully this means gm will put a smaller diesel in a 1500 Denali. I liked my 15 denali with the 6.2 8speed but would consider a diesel. I hated how the 2500 Denali rides
  3. 4x4 system

    haha I was thinking they same thing. So I will get it started, run 4auto when ever you want =) OP there is a 10000 page thread of everyone disagreeing about when and if to ever use auto unless you are in the North Pole. A quick search will give you all the info you need. I use to do it in the seattle rain. it is your truck put it in auto when ever you want
  4. 2019 Sierra / Silverado spy shots

    You guys think 1500 Denali will get a diesel option or just have 1500 hd work trucks?
  5. Piece of mind has a monetary value to me, especially on my 50k+ Denali. It's one of those things damned if you do damned if you don't. Plenty of stories of people who bought the best warranty and never used it vs the guy that bought it and saved money on repairs. I haven't bought one on my subcompact 1025r John Deere, but we will see.....
  6. You really can't see the benefit from ordering a brand new truck vs one that has been sitting on the lot for who knows how long with how many miles? The truck I got had 12 miles on it and all the plastic, it was a new as you can get with the tech doing the pre sale stuff. I had to order mine because none of them have the rear blue ray and I will probably have to order one again when the new model comes out. My dealer told me a sold order is a sold order and got a pretty good deal.
  7. When I ordered my 15 Denali I didn't have to put down a deposit and we agreed on the price (before incentives) on the truck. Then since it took 3 months to get here I got the rebates for that month. I thought it was gonna be feb but didn't come till early march and I got an extra 500$ No way I would pay more than the agreed price. As others have said rebates change every month
  8. Pandora App on '17 LT/Z71

    why would they get rid of the pandora app and not offer a way to download it from the store?
  9. Where are you seeing 20-25? and why is it the going rate? Most trucks our here are 10-11k off msrp
  10. No Middle Headrest In 2nd Row

    my first thought also. Either they are young and the headrests could matter or anyone that is taller will sit above the headrest anyways. Did you have them sit back there to see?
  11. 6.2L fuel requirements; tunes?

    Seems pretty cut and dry to me, 93 is recommended but the truck will run on 87 with reduced performance and fuel economy. I would say pinging would be in the reduced performance category. It has always stated 87 can be used with the negative effects listed. I wasn't trying to be rude, just wasn't sure if you were understanding. You can put what ever you want in your truck. So to answer your question no it hasn't changed
  12. 6.2L fuel requirements; tunes?

    N0 it has always said that. Are you missing the first part where is says Use premium 93 octane in your vehicle? "capable" meaning it will lose power and mpg
  13. Wet passenger floor

    Stop making excuses as to why GM doesn't have a start button/sensing fob on the Denali. Did you try putting a heater/fan in there over night and seeing if it clears up? Or maybe if you have water in your floor there is probably a leak? Could have been water there the whole time and you are just noticing it. Plenty of people have water leaking into their vehicles, my Civic is doing it now on the passenger side and in the truck due to the Washington Rain
  14. 2 or Auto

    I never noticed my truck being sluggish at all, about every time I had it in auto I didn't realize it till I randomly looked down to notice it. I also didn't notice much difference if any at all in mpg. maybe .000001 difference
  15. I bought one from the dealer for my 15 denali and didn't use it once. Also it fit like shit, they ordered 3 of them before I finally said okay guess that is the best it will fit. My next truck won't have the driver assist.

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