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  1. Still have these? Where at in FL? Paint code? So I can verify.
  2. I run a 4 inch drop hitch pulls my 16ft bass boat with no problems. 3.42s
  3. Sorry I haven't been on much lately. Work travels. I say 19 but truly its 18.5 on the dash so probably not true. Last road trip I took I quickly did the math in my head and figured it to be 17.5 to 18. Which on 35s with a 342 Ill take it. Now that is on a road trip with me taking it easy. Run over 75 and it plummets. with my SCT I run the 87 octane tune with the tire size adjusted thats it. I updated my programmer in April and had hard shifting (didn't prior to update). Two weeks ago updated the programmer again and now the truck shifts nice and smooth again. I dont know how much it matters, probably not much but I run and AFE cat back and a tonno.
  4. My father in law runs them on his 6 inch lifted dodge and loves em a friend of mine runs them on his lifted tundra and loves them.
  5. In most cases its core support, hood, lights, bumper and maybe fenders. I have not looked close enough to the 16s yet to see if the fenders are the same or not. Another concern is always the connectors for lighting. with all the new LEDs on the 16s im sure there would be an issue there. When you condiser front end mods the chevys are normally as simple as buying parts and paint other than any wiring changes. I did an S10 upgrade from the 94 to the 98 front end was all direct bolt on. And Ive done a trailblazer on S10 and it was full custom. I would imagine the 16 upgrade would be relatively easy but highly expensive right now. 2 or 3 yrs from now not so much.
  6. My 14 hasn't had a single issue with it. bought it new in 14 lifted 7.5" a month after buying and still no issues. drive it everyday.
  7. Nothing to loose sleep over. My past dodges and F150s all had the same thing.
  8. I had this same recall or whatever performed on my truck and I feel like the shifting has gotten worse. No my truck is lifted and I use a programmer as well I was wondering if it was the new software load from GM or maybe the way it interacts with the tune from my programmer. I think im gonna take the tune out and see what it does.
  9. I have an AFE cat back on mine. Its a 3rd of the cost of Borla. It is pretty quite at idle and on the high way but has a nice moderate tone under acceleration.
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