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  1. MacMac


    All Parts Sold Mod Please close thread.
  2. MacMac


    Lower Body Moulding SOLD PRICE DROP on Chrome Window Moulding. $150 shipped to lower 48. Cleaned, labeled for install and packaged ready to ship.
  3. MacMac


    I replaced my Chrome Window Belt Molding trim AND Chrome Body molding on my 2018 Denali CC with Black ones. Window Molding: No scratches, no broken tabs, cleaned, and labeled for re-install. Body Molding: No scratches, cleaned and labeled for re-install. (you just need 3M Automotive tape to re-apply to the back, $9 on amazon, takes 10 min) I just don't have the time, so that's why they're so cheap SOLD Window molding: $175 $150 shipped to lower 48 PRICE DROP!! Body Molding: $100 shipped to lower 48 SOLD Want them gone!
  4. Hey I just took a set of CC Chrome window moulding off of my 2018 Denali if your interested. All Clips in tact, no scratches, all labeled for re-install. I also have the Chrome Body Moulding available as well. I was going to buy the 3M automotive tape and re-apply it before I sold those, no scratches on those either if you're interested in doing both. Let me know
  5. At $90 shipped this is an awesome deal!! I've got one installed on mine and use it all the time. Plus it pops in and out whenever you want to remove it. Good luck with sale
  6. Front and Rear OEM Take offs from 2018 GMC Sierra Denali No Scratches, no damage, like new. Cleaned, securely packaged, and ready to ship. $80 free shipping if sent via Paypal Friends
  7. I was told by rep at The Retro Source that they (morimoto XB LED Fog lights) will fit the 17 Yukon Denali but you need to make a slight adjustment on the harness (shave it with a file) so that it will make a solid connection. The actual housing will fit flush with no issues but you need to do a slight mod. I can tell you that i did this update on my Sierra and the morimoto LED fog lights blew away the stock halogen fog lights. I plan on doing this next week to 17 Yukon.
  8. I know if a place that does it in CT. (The pic below the customer wanted a total blackout) I'll PM you his info. He does lots of custom work, doesn't bake the lights open either, he cuts them and seals them back up and guarantees the seal. Here's a set of 16 heads he did, I'm thinking about having him do a set for me.
  9. So basically, if I buy a complete set of lights, it will come with either HID's or LED bulbs depending on the trim level. And therefore I wouldn't need to buy the morimoto HID kit? Also, do the 16+ LED Brake lights require a separate harness kit to make compatible to 14/15? And/Or would you need resistors as well? Thanks!
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