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  1. Dang, you really wanted everyone to see this by posting in 10 different threads! Looks good -- nice and beefy, but your definition of "fit" might be limited to level straight pavement running. At full lock with any kind of suspension compression, they are going to hit. May just rub a little, or may catch the liner and start shredding it. Looks like a tire more suited for a 4" lift than a level. Glad you posted this because it confirms that my 285/65/R18s are the biggest I can run on my 2.5 level 2014 Sierra based on the way I use my truck.
  2. 5 years running them on my Z71. No issues. Some people just like to spend money.....
  3. I had KOs on my last truck....great grip in the rain, and it rains ALL THE TIME here in Florida. They look too narrow though....I won't buy them again. +1 for the Falken WildPeak ATW3s. I have 285/65r18 on stockers. They have 23,000 miles on them and they are barely worn. I just rotated them in an X pattern today in the driveway. They get rotated with every oil change based on the DIC, so it's 5K miles in between or more. I swear they went months till they wore off the nubs. Great looks, quiet, great traction, minimum balancing and long tread life....what's not to like?
  4. My 2014 Sierra has the 5.3 EcoTec3 engine with 67,412 miles as of today. It's stock.....runs on 4 cylinders sometimes, sometimes on 8. I never know...can't feel or hear it. It was designed this way and have no need to change it -- I'm never lacking for power and tow 8,000# regularly. I have had no issues with the engine at all in 5 years and I plan on keeping it at least 5 more.
  5. 67,000 miles on my 2014 Sierra with 2.5 level. Absolutely ZERO issues....ball joints tight as new....perfect front end alignment. I never thought, man I should put on $1200 worth of struts and shocks to make this thing ride better. Running 33x11 tires mainly street with weekend dirt roads; lots of towing. I use but don't abuse my truck.
  6. Do you like your truck otherwise? If so, fix it and drive on. Yes it's frustrating to have these things happen...I had the condenser issue that ultimately ended up costing me about $500. I also had the numerous recalls and expensive service -- $170 for front differential fluid change, C'mon man!!! But after about 4 or 5 years, things do break and fixing them is waaaaaay cheaper than the depreciation, and the tax, title, license of a new truck. A new AT4 to replace my Sierra Z71 is $55K not counting TTL and insurance increase. That's around $30K to get into a new truck not counting any upgrades I would do to the AT4 (like tires). Even if you put $10K into your current truck over the next 4 years (highly unlikely), you are money ahead. But sometimes it's just time for a new vehicle. 'Merica!
  7. At least 1mpg if not 2mpg. Get more like 15+ now instead of 17+. Definite power loss when towing something heavy. If they were 35s, I'd want to re-gear to 4:11.
  8. I've got them in 285/65r18 on stockers....says 33x11 on the side. Great fit with a level, but 305/65 would probably fit too. Look incredible. Ride pretty good. Not noisy. Great wet weather traction. I've got 45psi in them and it feels weird going into a fast corner...like the truck is leaning. I just take those corners slower now because I don't want to run 50psi in them.
  9. check to be sure, but this is what I bought for my 2014 DC: https://runningboardwarehouse.com/ionic-3-stainless-nerf-bars-202127.html
  10. Mine mount using the body to frame mount bolts, not that thin sheet metal edge. So you could take those off, and get some that mount to the body bolts, like mine....and be back in business.
  11. 2014 GMC Sierra with 47K miles: - electric steering causing pull when new. $1500 new steering unit under warranty - bad vibes when new. $800 new set of tires by dealer under warranty - A/C condenser failed at 37K. $1250 repair out of warranty. GM cost share 50% so I got $550 back - new battery at 37K. $250 paid by me - headlight went out at 40K. $50 paid by me (I changed both) - many, many recalls mostly for firmware upgrades - tranny clunks when it shifts at lower speeds I love the truck and just accept it's not going to be flawless. I got it new for about $10K under an ugly ass Tundra and I won't have another Ford. Dodge isn't even a consideration for me. GMC is still the best looking truck on the road right now (to me)....I could be persuaded to buy the next generation Tundra if it ever comes out.
  12. I will need to drive it a tank or two before I will know for sure, but I'm going to guess I will. They are taller, wider and heavier. I got about 18.5 with the 275/65r18 Nittos. I suspect I will drop 1+ mpg BTW, the tires say 33x11.5 on the side. I've very happy with this size...anything bigger and I would need more lift. IMO it's the perfect balanced look for a level.
  13. 285/65r18 Falkens on stock GMC Z71 rims with 2.5 RCX level in front, 2" blocks and Rite Rite bags in rear. 32" tall and 11" or so wide with weight of truck on tires.
  14. When you need a truck, you need a truck and have to take the incentives that are offered at the time. The dealer doesn't know about upcoming incentives so if you let a month go by, the next month could be less incentives than now. It's a crap shoot. My 2014 GMC Z71 4x4 SLE stickered at $44K and I got it for $33,400 + free spray-in + free underseat storage + $800 credit to some Nitto G2s + 3 years maintenance. On the other end of the lot, there was a used 2014 for $38K. Made no sense to me. I regularly see trucks like mine on craigs with 60-90K miles for around $30k. Cash buyers willing to walk away will always get the best deal. OP is a car dealer's dream!
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