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  1. I’m only interested in seeing if this direct OEM swap into an LT is possible - I’m not interested in other aftermarket solutions. Is the harness already there on every truck with a console? Is it simply swapping that panel over? Anyone done this yet?
  2. I think that's a very accurate description, especially not "clean" bass. As long as you're trying to add some bass, and a little thump, it's perfect. Trying to make it boomy just isn't going to work.
  3. Just installed the full kit yesterday on my non-Bose Sierra. Really surprised with the kit. Riding with all the windows down and still hearing the radio is now an option lol For people on the fence, it's a perfectly integrated, stealthy stereo. It sounds much better. The sub is plenty adaquent for more bassy stereo listening. But it's not going to replace a custom system, in terms of volume or thump. I've had both style in the past, and for daily driving duties, I'd go this Kicker route 9 out of 10 times.
  4. As you may or may not know, the 2014+ trucks started using cabin air filters again. My 2014 has 13,700 miles and I figured what the hell...change it before we head into spring. I couldn't believe how dirty it was!
  5. They are +12. Technically, I should be running -12 with a lift, but the front wheels are already pushed out with the Procomp spindles, so I wanted a wheel with a more stock offset.
  6. Picked it up a few months ago, and have been slowing changing it up to make it my own. I bought it with a 6" Procomp lift already installed by the previous owner, and it had right at 9000 miles. He had a set of black wheels installed, and a set of AMP power running boards. Since then, I've debadged the majority of the truck, bought new wheels and tires, painted all the chrome on the front end, and cleared the headlights. I plastidipped the rear bumper black until I paint that red as well. Just a lot of minor things added up to make a big difference. When I picked it up off eBay: And how it sits today after the wheel swap:
  7. Thanks! I'll see how well it'll hold up to rock chips and such
  8. I painted the complete front end on my 2014 Sierra SLE. I also had the headlights cleared.
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