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  1. Also forgot to mention there's about twice the amount of water coming out of the tailpipes with the light white smoke.
  2. I drive it daily and it never sits more than a day over the weekend. I drive about 80 miles-100 miles a day....since I have had it I've gone from 89k in April of 2017 to 151k now.
  3. So yesterday the truck created a huge clear whitish cloud at startup in the morning and again today and this afternoon. Checked the oil and no water in it, no clouding. Checked the radiator reservoir and it's still orangish like it has been since I got the truck. 151k as of this weekend 5.3. We checked out the smoke and while it's heavier at startup it's constant when running. No visible difference in performance and only a very faint clicking under the hood. Thought maybe it was a head gasket, but since there's no water in the oil and no oil in the radiator and none coming out of the tailpipes, not sure. Seems to have a slight smell, but not a bad one. Not a sweet smell either like the last head gasket problem I had. One friend said it might be a timing belt/plugs/wires, but that doesn't sound right to me. Asking if anyone has had this happen and what did it wind up being?
  4. Thanks for the link! I am on that forum now and have saved the page. Definitely want to change the cluster somehow. Yeah I noticed not a lot of info here on these OBS trucks. Glad you posted that forum, looks like that's a good place to be for the 400s!
  5. I like the $800 option better but still a lot of cash when I can pick up the 1993-1994 dash gauges for around $100
  6. OUCH....$1250....way too rich for my blood although I have to say it looks good, I'd rather just have the later model analogs without the fancy computer readout.
  7. Saw this on Ebay....are these 92-94 dash instruments a plug and play for the 89-91 trucks? If not what all has to be done to get them to work?
  8. Don't think....I know. I am wanting to be able to do my brakes myself and don't need emergency brakes as much as I do ease of changing the rotors and pads myself. I live in flatland Texas and rarely park on an incline of any kind that the parking pin won't hold. When it comes to stopping power hauling a trailer, nothing beats a disc.
  9. Looks cool....gonna have to look for one someday to go on my truck. Probably won't be an easy search, but I could surely use one to haul trees to my sawmill. Thanks for the pics.
  10. Well I finally found proof that I am not crazy. I thought for sure the 2000-2003s had rear discs and sure enough they did on half ton LT's [as well as the 2500/3500s]. Here's a brochure page clip from 2002 on that particular model. Also found someone selling a rear axle with discs on it from 2003 on FB in a group I follow. Now the hard part will be finding a 100k mileage or so truck when it's time.
  11. Thinking about replacing my standard truck bed with a flat bed and wondering if anyone here has any pics of one they have converted. Tried a search for images on the web and got a couple but not too many. Not exactly sure I want to do it, but pics might help me make up my mind.
  12. I didn't know that about the drums on half tons, I thought they had discs then got dropped back to drums because of the e-brake problem, thanks for letting me know. Yeah the values are still good. I sold my 05 with 385k smoking for $2600. I knew the $1500 price was not valid on anything I'd want to drive daily. I guess this one I have now will be my last one. Gotta have four wheel discs and I already have a one ton.
  13. Thanks so much for your answer....well that makes my mind up, next one will be 99-03.
  14. Yessir, I am a well seasoned buyer, just don't know much about the 88-98 trucks. Any other year set back to the 70's I can tell you just about anything about 'em. Thought about the 2001-2003 set of trucks, but usually here in Texas they are very high miles when you find them. The only ones in the $1500 range need a LOT of work. I will have around $6k to spend and have to have 4 wheel discs on this next one. With the 1-ton I don't drive it enough to worry about it yet but I will be swapping in rear discs on it eventually. So back to the question...rear discs on the 96-98's?
  15. I am considering buying a second truck once I sell my 2005 in a year or so. Wondering if any of the 96-98 trucks [1500s or 2500s] had four wheel disc brakes? I am targeting those specific years because of the motor and interior. I have an 89 and I don't care much for the interior much [I will be switching it out in the coming years for the newer style]. The idea is to get away from another truck payment [once the 2005 is paid for and sold I will have enough cash to buy outright]. Also, I know the 5.7 motor was available, but what year was the 5.3 introduced into the trucks?
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