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  1. I have an 89.....really don't care much for the gauges. Haven't seen very many custom gauge layouts for this particular dash. Has anyone changed out their gauges for analog sweep like the later years? If so tell me what you did and where you got them.
  2. My 89 dually has a dead zone in the steering. 1/8 turn in each direction does nothing at speed and the truck can wander a bit. Had a Mustang that did that back in the early 70s. What causes this and how to fix it?
  3. It's got huge helpers on it, power steering, power disc brakes, trailer package with dealer bumper hutch, Gooseneck in bed, 2 bumper hitches in back [really big double decker 3/8" steel plate one]. I am really after the maximum factory number so I can add in the gooseneck and helpers on my own to come up with a maximum. No other load based options on the truck.
  4. Mine are mounted on a weird bar that comes out from under the bed on both sides. The flaps actually sit on the tires in back at rest and was wondering if that was a backyard fix or stock? Can someone who has one take a pic for me of their mounting setup?
  5. Just picked one up from a friend for a song. Has a 454 TBI, 3-speed manual w/granny gear and a 4.11 rear axle [2wd]. Tire size is 235/85 R 16. The door sticker is toast and I was wondering if anyone knows the maximum towing capacity of the truck? I've searched all over the web and can't find a definitive source for the info. If anyone knows of a specific site where I can find it, please let me know. Thanks, Kelly
  6. Is my transmission going bad

    I have pulled away from a stop light a few times in both 05 Sierras and had what can only be described as a slip. It's as if the converter decides not to go, then I let off the gas and try again and away I go. My last 05 Sierra started this at about 114k and did it all the way til 385k albeit sporadically and not very often. The 'new' 05 Sierra has 90k on it and it did it twice the other day. Not sure about the hard 1-2 shifts.
  7. The 05 Shortbed retires....

    Yes... The 5.3 and it never had any work done to it. It was smoking heavily at startup and clicking a lot here and there (oil pump he said). But it ran well the rest of the time.
  8. I can't find the delete button, but this topic can be 86'ed if a mod can do it. I bought another truck.
  9. Well, she went over 385,369 miles before I sold her. I was going to be getting a new motor until the cost came in over $3000. Supposed to be a buddy deal/tradeout [all labor was free on the swap as was the donor motor], but the cost of rebuilding went about $2k over my budget. At the last minute before the rebuild was to start, I cancelled the deal and decided to list my truck for sale. After taking the new parts I had stocked up for it out of the mix, I got $2300 for it. It was still running and the guy drove it home from Elmo to Grand Prairie [60 miles] with no incident. So, I replaced it with another 2005, this time a black extended cab 4x4 SLT with every option in the book and 89k on the clock. Very good deal as I got into it for just over $1000 with no trade in and a good percentage rate. Swapped over my black wheels and mud tires and kept the new grille/billet insert and lower front bumper cover. Now to black all the chrome out!
  10. I have a 2005 GMC Sierra 5.3 and I tow a lot, sometimes daily. My mechanic is building me another 5.3 [i think it's a 2003 version] and am thinking about upgrading the cam. I've heard about the LS9 cam kit, but I wanted to see what you guys are running and how you like it. I am targeting around 375-400 hp on this one with just the cam kit, I already have a tune and true duals with Super 44s although I know I will need to re-tune for the cam. Don't want to have to change the torque converter as I have a brand new trans in it with converter, Corvette servo and shift kit already installed. Mine's a 4x4 and I run 295/70 mud tires on it. Not sure if that matters, but I thought I'd mention just in case. Also not planning in changing the stock exhaust manifolds out. So anyone been down this road here? Looking for cam kit suggestions....thanks for the help!
  11. Oh yeah, and I am losing about a quart and a half a month and have been since 250k.
  12. Hey Nick, I've had this problem since about that same mileage and now I am at 382k. My mechanic told me early on this is a very common problem stemming from the oil pump itself. Most commonly misdiagnosed as piston slap or lifter noise. Mine smokes at start up most of the time now and I have been advised to start using 20w50 oil to minimize the smoke and ticking. My mechanic building a new motor for mine and he remains amazed that I have been driving mine so long with the problem. I commute about 45 minutes to an hour to work in Dallas. Sometimes mine will tick for the entire commute, then the next time I start it up to run to the lumberyard, it will not make a sound. There's no telling if it will tick or not and sometimes it will do it at the end of the drive home. I just got my first oil leak the other day from the timing cover. His has been leaking from the same place for the last 6 months. His truck is the same year as mine [2005 GMC Sierra] and the same 5.3 motor but his mileage is around 150k. The fix is a new oil pump assembly. In the meantime, he told me to add Lucas to the oil at oil change time to help keep the seals lubricated, but I still get the smoke.
  13. That's great mileage. I am with you on the trailer towing max being exceeded once in awhile....pretty sure the other day I was over the limit and I once towed a big bobcat that weighed around 8500. My trailer weighs 1250 and my limit is supposed to be 8000.
  14. So I bought my truck with 95k on the clock. Swapped out the wires to the plugs cause they looked a little old to me but the mechanic who works on my trucks told me the plugs looked fine. I thought at some point over the last 7 years we replaced them, but when I asked about it the other day, he said we never did. A miss showed up at idle and I decided to change them and see if that was the problem. The entire time I have driven this truck I thought they sure were lasting a long time. So after replacing the transmission last month, the miss shows up and the mechanic friend pulls the first plug and says 'no way'....yessir....factory plugs lasted 369,746 miles. Wires lasted 274k. Transmission went 361k. I've never heard of either the transmission or a set of plugs lasting this long, has anyone else had this luck with their truck?
  15. Squeaky truck....springs?

    I got a friend who is a mechanic to look at it, he says lower ball joints so we're going to replace them. Took a few bounces to find the cause, but he sprayed something on the offender [passenger side] and the sound is gone!

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