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  1. I sent my 2019 Silverado 2500HD to the dealer last Monday for a ton of error messages (lane assist, trailer assist, airbag, seat belt; basically all the safety related systems were showing off line) showing on the dash. (speedo, tack and all gauges not functioning). They just called me 3 hours ago and said they found standing water in the passenger kick panel area and in a wiring connector. They couldn't locate the source for the water leak. They opened up the area and dried out the wiring connector and kick panel area. Tested the truck and reported the truck passed the "water test". I pick up later this evening. I will look around the running board, lower section of the door, window seal, door seal and windshield and wiper cowl area, headliner and shark-fin antenna and sunroof for signs of water. Op. Hope you get yours repaired.
  2. I purchased the Bilstein 5100 with a 3" block from MRT (Moore Racing Technology). The P/N I ordered for the front was: (24-238304PAIR) The P/N I ordered for the rear was: (24-186636) that allows for a 2-4" lift. Here is a link to a post from MRT in the Bilstein thread. http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/168860-bilstein-shocks-thread/?p=1980159
  3. I'm not an expert, but with a -24 offset, I would think the wheel sits further out from the suspension. I think you are okay. Check out this link https://tiresize.com/wheel-offset-calculator/
  4. I am not rubbing on full lock, full compression with my stock Z71 aluminum control arms. Can't say anything about the steel control arms.
  5. I have the Bilstein 5100 on the highest setting and am running 285/65R18 on stock rims. I am very pleased with the choice. I considered the 275/70 when I was planning my purchase but I'm glad I went with the 285/65. I may have regretted anything other than 285/65
  6. Recently I added 285/65R18 BFG KO2's to my 2014 Silverado. I installed Bilstein 5100's up front on the highest setting. I did the teardown of the stock coilovers but I had a local shop swap the shocks out in the coilovers for $75.00. Installation in the truck was super easy. Have absolutely no rubbing on the felt or sway bar. I removed the front airdam thing just cause it sucks. Speaking of sucking; I still have the craptastic RanchoMcNuts on the rear. I need to get to get to that soon. I purchased 3" lift blocks along with the longer Bilstein rear shocks but haven't installed them yet. Been too busy. You can't go wrong with 285/65R18 BFG's and Bilsteins.
  7. stlg8

    2014 Silverado LTZ

    285/65R18 BFG with Stock Z71 Wheels
  8. Nice write up. I have 3" blocks in the rear with Bilstein 5100. Interested if this will fit?
  9. Wow - what? I too just installed my Bilstein 5100's and everything worked perfectly. Do you have a photo showing the interference fit with the spring hat?
  10. Recommend Diamondback. They are strong, watertight and lockable.
  11. Ha. Still stock 265/65R18. Planning to add a level and new tires by the end of the month. Considering 285/75 Toyo's or 285/65 BFG KO2's
  12. Follow up question. I read that you used a 2.25" readylift. Did that include the rear lift blocks also?
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