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  1. I purchased the Bilstein 5100 with a 3" block from MRT (Moore Racing Technology). The P/N I ordered for the front was: (24-238304PAIR) The P/N I ordered for the rear was: (24-186636) that allows for a 2-4" lift. Here is a link to a post from MRT in the Bilstein thread. http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/168860-bilstein-shocks-thread/?p=1980159
  2. I'm not an expert, but with a -24 offset, I would think the wheel sits further out from the suspension. I think you are okay. Check out this link https://tiresize.com/wheel-offset-calculator/
  3. I am not rubbing on full lock, full compression with my stock Z71 aluminum control arms. Can't say anything about the steel control arms.
  4. I have the Bilstein 5100 on the highest setting and am running 285/65R18 on stock rims. I am very pleased with the choice. I considered the 275/70 when I was planning my purchase but I'm glad I went with the 285/65. I may have regretted anything other than 285/65
  5. Recently I added 285/65R18 BFG KO2's to my 2014 Silverado. I installed Bilstein 5100's up front on the highest setting. I did the teardown of the stock coilovers but I had a local shop swap the shocks out in the coilovers for $75.00. Installation in the truck was super easy. Have absolutely no rubbing on the felt or sway bar. I removed the front airdam thing just cause it sucks. Speaking of sucking; I still have the craptastic RanchoMcNuts on the rear. I need to get to get to that soon. I purchased 3" lift blocks along with the longer Bilstein rear shocks but haven't installed them yet. Been too busy. You can't go wrong with 285/65R18 BFG's and Bilsteins.
  6. stlg8

    2014 Silverado LTZ

    285/65R18 BFG with Stock Z71 Wheels
  7. Nice write up. I have 3" blocks in the rear with Bilstein 5100. Interested if this will fit?
  8. Wow - what? I too just installed my Bilstein 5100's and everything worked perfectly. Do you have a photo showing the interference fit with the spring hat?
  9. Recommend Diamondback. They are strong, watertight and lockable.
  10. Ha. Still stock 265/65R18. Planning to add a level and new tires by the end of the month. Considering 285/75 Toyo's or 285/65 BFG KO2's
  11. Follow up question. I read that you used a 2.25" readylift. Did that include the rear lift blocks also?
  12. Great info man. Appreciate the details.
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