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  1. This truely fit with no modifications and cutting on your stock suspension? I’m looking to buy these tires and size.
  2. the supplied wiring harness comes with a relay and switch, the switch will have 3 wires going to it, mine was a white/blue/black wire, I cut the white wire (12v wire) coming from the relay to switch, connect the 12v wire and wedged it into one side of the 15amp parking light fuse that is in the fuse box next to battery. So the switch will be getting power from the parking light fuse, not from the relay. leave the white wire(12v) from relay connected to nothing( tape it off) Leave the switch in the on position and the lights will come on whenever the park lights come one or when it is dark out they will turn on when the DRL senses it is getting dark. When in auto mode, the park light fuse is activated when its is dark out so no need to turn the park light on for the fog lights.
  3. Didn’t even run a switch to inside the cab. $100 simple fog light solution. Took me 30min to install and wire.
  4. I used the wire harness that came with it hook the switch to the park light fuse so they will come on when i turn the park lights on or when the automatic headlights turn on at night.
  5. Anyone have these running boards on their 2019? So the steps align right where you would want to step to get in. Another thing....will the 2018 crew cab running boards fit the 2019? Thanks
  6. I can't find the post where someone posted a link for new headlight rear caps. I cut mine for my hids but since went back to stock. Anyone know where I can get them.
  7. I have a 15 AT 5.3, Just took off my 275/65/20 tires and went back to stock, I had E rated tires which were 20lbs heavier that stock, I could be happier with the stock tires, the truck drives pretty sluggish with the 65s, braking sucks, I chose functionality vs looks, I drive mostly highway so....I went from 15-16mpg avg to 21 mpg.
  8. Slight rub on the carpet liner which I left. At 70 Mph I am really going 74. I never recalibrated.
  9. Handling and braking is sluggish. Looks great. But I think I would rather have stock tires. The tires were brand new and free so I don't really feel bad about having them. Gas mileage took a hit. But I wouldn't be driving a truck if I care about mileage. I have done any heavy duty towing. I bet it would shift much different.
  10. 275/65/20 on 2 in level. Michelin at2s Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. 275/65/20 RC 2 in level Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Same thing here. Turned on the first week I had the truck. They had the transfer case sensor replaced.
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