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  1. Newbie to this sub forum. Ordered a '22 Custom on Aug.31 and received it on Nov. 2nd. Still have an '18 HC 6.2, also had a '15 and '12 6.2 so this 4-banger will be interesting.
  2. Long time member but no posts for year and a half with this dreaded shake and vibration problem issue jumping in here. A little ownership history here. 2012 LTZ crew 4X4 6.2 with 3.73 tow package gears. Real hot rod with zero shake issues and no other problems. 2015 High Country crew 4X4 6.2 8-speed with 3.23 gears. Shake, shake, shake in the 70-83 mph range. Follow on details below. K2XX platform. 2018 High Country crew 4X4 6.2 8-speed with 3.23 gears. Shakes not as bad at different speeds 68-78 mph range. K2XX platform. Shake issues taken to 3 different Chevy and 1 GMC dealers all under the bumper to bumper warranty with under 20k miles with the 2015. Loss of use time in the 90 day range (GM furnished rental or loaner truck) and many parts and wheels/tires replaced to no avail. GM engineer brought in twice and no help. Standard factory answer..."within specs". So before doing anything that may put me in jail I got BBB involved. They were great to work with and totally unbiased as they should be. At this stage I was open to GM's buy back program. With several back and forth negotiations by BBB with GM it went nowhere. GM's offer was totally unacceptable using different formulas only a idiot would consider. I have stacks of paperwork at that point but no solution. Having personally known the General Manager of the nearby Chevy dealership he bent over backwards to rectify the situation and made me an offer I liked by trading in for a identically equipped new 2018. So far can live with its mild come and go shakes and only 9k miles and 1 tire replaced with the RFB out of tolerance. As they say, "like the truck, hate the ride". Had many, many great and problem free Chevy half ton pickups last 50 years with these last 2 the worst. Also had 2 new Dodge and 7 new Ford 1-ton dually diesels for towing OTR purposes that worked great. I am old school and Chevy has been my 1st choice all along but open to ideas with Ford and Ram in the future. Would be interesting to see if the Mexican built trucks have more or all of these problems versus the I believe (Fort Wayne) Indiana plant. I want "Built in the USA" on any future vehicle I may look at. The Asian trucks may be good and some assembled here but all the profits go back to Tokyo and Seoul. Stay safe and healthy!
  3. Any good small trailer sales lot has a tester that plugs into the 7-pin electrical output of your truck and can check all output signals and voltages including the ramp-up voltage of the brake signal as someone steps down on the brake pedal. If all checks good on the truck side the problem is on the trailer. Trailer electrical systems are trickier and most problems are grounding connections or loose wire moving around while shaking down the road. Many times it is where the ground wire is connected to the frame and only make contact with the paint and not the metal. Try removing the ground wire from the frame and wire brushing the area then reconnecting the ground wire. Another way to isolate the problem is hook up the trailer to another truck -or- hook your truck to another trailer. Good Luck Jay! Only pulling trailers for 50 years and I've seen many problems with bumper pull, gooseneck, 5th wheel, to 18 wheelers with electric, surge (fluid), and air brakes.
  4. Thanks for the info Chad. Picked up my truck yesterday (53 days) and shake still there after many new parts and tires replaced. Now back to GM and if needed BBB. Service manager just the middle man and did what the GM engineer told him to do. Like to have some time alone with that so called idiot. Service manager would not give me the engineer's name or number. I go by the motto...."If all else fail, let common sense prevail". My truck is a 2015 so if a buy back happens no doubt a deduction for year and mileage be involved. Have some numbers from KBB and NADA for starters. Glad to hear you ended up with a MSRP settlement. Gives me some ammo to work with. Note to Eric...Pursue the lemon law by contacting your state's Attorney General on your new 2018. I found out the time limit in my state was 18 months for the lemon law so had to go the BBB route.
  5. WOW, 3months! Should that be the case with myself and/or others in a buy back situation what did GM use for the truck's value numbers? KBB, NADA, or a mutually agreeable price? Just want to be prepared should that happen in my case. Thanks in advance.
  6. Today is day 50 and still not fixed and a new milestone. I suggested the dealer try another brand of tires but GM will only replace with same make and size as installed at the factory, in this case the GY 275x55x20's. About 7 months ago after 5 trips to 3 different dealers and no help I bought a complete set of 4 factory 18" wheels and tires from a 2016 Tahoe with 4500 miles on them to do my own troubleshooting. Had them balanced and installed and lo and behold the shake was still there although some what less but at same speed and from the rear (never had a problem from front-smooth as glass). So evidently problem is not tires or wheels. DUH? Want to post a challenge...Can anyone top my 50 days continuous at a Chevrolet service department for the shake/vibrations without a fix? To be continued....
  7. Thanks all for the input and even the rant. It is now 37 days and counting with no end in sight. At least I have a 2018 double cab 4X4 that GM is picking up the tab from Enterprise so it puts a little salve on the wound. Since I have the 3.23 gears and the peak shake is at 80-81mph it would explain why many with the 3.42 gears would shake in the 75 mph range with the 5.8% difference in ratio and the driveshaft would be spinning the same rpm before the rear end. So the driveshaft makes more sense all the time, but will GM replace it. Just a note...when going through arbitration the GM rep stated the 5year/60k drive line warranty extended to and included the rear axles. Trust he knew his business so that extends the 3yr/36k B-B warranty period some of us thought let GM off the hook for our shake issues. To be continued......
  8. Update...Believe my last posting was May 19th or there a bouts. Contacted BBB just before the 36/36 B-B warranty expired, OK, they set up an arbitration hearing at their office in mid June in Las Vegas. GM rep, arbitrator (lawyer), myself, and an office clerk. We all had to promise to tell the truth just like in court and all this was recorded. It was very formal and a structured outline was followed with statements followed by a Q and A session. It lasted about an hour and a half. The arbitrator then went out and inspected the truck, recorded the VIN and mileage. OK, one week later got a call about the arbitrator's ruling and it directed GM to repair the truck to my satisfaction. Then started GM calls, etc to find a dealer to correct the problem. 4 dealers would not take it due to workload or ???? Finally found a dealer 100 miles away. Took it to them 29 days ago and they are still working on it. Get updates weekly (tires, shocks, right rear axle, engine mounts, etc, etc). Will pass along the outcome if and when. Stay tuned!!!!
  9. So I got a call from GM in TX and the repurchase of my vehicle was denied. Get this...no reason at all...just denied and no further options discussed...ZERO...end of call. BBB stated to call them Monday after 1pm EDT. Stay tuned, may have to get into arbitration stage. Whole process not to take more than 40 days.
  10. gentlemen,


    please consider visiting www.ChevyShake.com to take the next step.


    i have been wrestling with this for years and am tired with the bully behavior that oem's use to make their errors our problem!


    the head mechanic at our local chevy dealer told me off the record (he did not wish to loose his job) gm made the frames too stiff & that normal road noise and vibrations are being transmitted into the cab... with other consequences.


    i believe gm is aware of this & has been for some time.  I also believe gm likely took action in the mid-cycle update to address the issue.  but this leaves all owners with pre-update vehicles with an unsolvable problem that can contribute to other problems or issues.


    one great question is when did gm become aware this issue was not able to be solved in the field because the timing of that speaks to intent and damages...


    hope you find this helpful & insightful...


    it's time we stand together to stop the bully behavior.


    we love our family suburban - it's a great vehicle!  & while developing new technology unintended things happen - like vibrations that are manageable & forgivable - what is degrading to the soul is the deception and bully behavior - this must and will stop - when we stand together against it...


    go to ChevyShake.com and share this with many, many others...:)


    blessing always!

  11. OK, filed with BBB last Friday and have a case number, now I am to send in any and all supporting documentation within 10 days. BBB has 40 days total that also is binding to GM. Got a call yesterday from a GM rep in Texas. He asked ordinary questions as to buy new, current miles, dealer bought from, what dealer I took to about the shake and vibration problems, etc. Have paperwork from 5 trips (2 Chev dealer, 2 another Chev dealer, and 1 to GMC dealer). GM rep will call back May 8th after gathering info from all the service departments. BTW, I bought a like new 4000 mile complete set of 18's (from 2016 Tahoe) with GY Assurance to do my own troubleshooting and probably made ride 10% better (taller sidewalls). Problem still exists! A few pages back someone got $$$$$ and kept his truck. Never found out the bottom line on that settlement. SO stay tuned.......
  12. So has anyone put their "shaker" trucks on a dynomometer, run up to the vibration speeds (75-80+), and taken a video? A picture (or in this case a video) could be worth a 1000 words to the non-believer GM service managers. I haven't found one yet in my area but still looking. A video could be shared with all of us for proof. Also with 1 month left on my 36 month bumper-bumper warranty I'll be S-O-L soon. Quite interesting about the Feb. sales report with Ford increasing and Chevy/GMC dropping way off...Just maybe this shaking/vibration issue is getting buyer's attention. Close the Mexican assembly plants. Cheap labor=a cheap product. Listen up GM!
  13. OK..Had mine to 3 dealers (2 Chev and a GMC) and still not fixed. Best answers are can't duplicate, with-in specs, or nothing noted. Just curious...has anyone tried putting their truck on a dynamometer and watching or filming the shake/vibration issues? Think I will try it.
  14. Did a google search for the Hunter Road Force Balancer machine and checked out several links. Basically it applies a 1200# roller weight to the tire while spinning and it checks the roundness of the wheel and outside of the tire. Due to the taller wheels and shorter stiffer sidewalls of today's tires (in my case 20") it is harder to balance with the old machines. In theory this all sounds good. Could not find out the speed of the RFB machine while in use. If it was done in the 75-85 mph range where most of shake problems occur and possible tread separation then I'd have more faith in the results.
  15. OK...Just picked up our truck after 3 full weeks at the dealership. STILL has the shakes!!! Another RFB (4th time) and 3 weeks later was all they done. So service rep said to call GM. I'd like to call them *%^@#@#^^& after leaving it at 1st dealer 2 times and now this dealer 2 times. Tried searching for the class action info but notta...anyone have it I'd appreciate it. 1st time they installed new tires GY Eagle LS-2 20" on front and that fixed shake in front and still smooth as glass in front. Problem shake remains in rear. Asked why they didn't change rear tires and told each time that the RFB was in specs. BAD, BAD answer each time. Is it possible the RFB is at a slower speed with good results and maybe real world speeds in the 75-80 range causes tread separation? We should not have to troubleshoot for them in 2017!!! Will a GMC dealer look at a Chevy problem or vice-versa? Tired of ranting.....Listen up GM!
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