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  1. My new gmc

    Here's the wife's Yukon Denali and my Sierra Denali 3500
  2. First duramax

    It was a 22.5 front and back i don't remember the width of the super singles but they came off a 18 Wheeler
  3. My Yukon was. Is a 2005 and I got my wife a Yukon Denali and myself a Sierra Denali 3500 and it sounds better than the older system you can actually hear the bass with a stock radio
  4. It doesn't take away the any quality. The bose sub sounded 1000 times better after I added my pioneer head unit. I just turned the bass know all the way down when I have my wife or mother with me as they don't care for the bass from my 12's.
  5. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Thanks I haven't had time to drive it. I'm only driven maybe 15 miles. But i must say it rides great.
  6. I left mine hooked up it sounds a lot better with an aftermarket radio. I turn my 12 inch subs up when I want a lil extra bang.
  7. First duramax

    I have seen a few dually with super singles on them
  8. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Just picked up my Sierra Denali 3500 hd
  9. First duramax

    I test drove both and they didn't have a 2500 with a long bed as I will need it in a few weeks for a move. Both trucks road quiet well. I went with the 3500 and I got a pretty good deal on it and my wife's Yukon Denali.
  10. First duramax

    I will hardly ever haul anything besides my dad's boat. I like the look of the 3500 dually. I really don't need the long bed though. I am a truck driver to that's one reason I'm partial to duallys
  11. First duramax

    I'm planning to get my first diesel pick up truck. I'm going with the 2015 Sierra Denali hd but stuck between the 2500 and 3500 dually.

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